Gourmet 1997 - Abstracts

Gourmet 1997
A Christmas cooke exchange. (includes cookie recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutritionFlo Braker
A Christmas cookie exchange.(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutritionFlo Braker
A corner of the Catskills. (Catskill mountains)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionKenneth Wapner
A dynamic duo.(food experts Mark Peel and Nancy Silverton)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Aguas Frescas: Mexican coolers. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
A painter's paradise by the sea.(fishing village of Skagen, Denmark)Food/cooking/nutritionAnne Roston
Around the Globe: rediscovering Shakespeare's world.(Globe theater in London, UK)(includes related article on some of London's restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionRory Ross, Anthony Weller
A Swedish midsummer party.Food/cooking/nutrition 
A tale of two artists.(restaurants and museums of Paris)Food/cooking/nutritionCatherine Reynolds
Banana desserts. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Basel: Switzerland' crossroads city is a mix of medieval and modern, conservative and quirky. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionAngeline Goreau
Bread puddings: sweet and savory. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Bread puddings: sweet and savory.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Breakfast in bed: a dreamy indulgence for your Valentine.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Brunch at the Bel-Air.(Los Angeles's Hotel Bel-Air)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Cafe society. (decline of the cafe society in Paris)(includes list of recommended restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionCatharine Renolds
Candid camera: a photography school in Maine.(Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, ME)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Kenyon
Canoeing the Boundary Waters.(Northern Minnesota)Food/cooking/nutritionElizabeth Royte
Charles Rennie Mackintosh: a Glasgow visionary. (Scottish designer and architect)(includes travel information and a related article on a traveling exhibition of his work)Food/cooking/nutritionBarbara Grizzuti Harrison
Charlie Trotter's seafood. (includes recipes)(excerpted from 'Charlie Trotter's Seafood')Food/cooking/nutritionCharlie Trotter
Chefs' salads.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Chocolate cakes: from angelic to decadent.(recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutritionNick Malgieri
Come a caroling.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Come for cocktails.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Cooking lessons at a grand hotel.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMargo True
Cooking with plums: from sauce to sorbet.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
David Rockwell: don of design.(industrial designer)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferreti
Desert parks: California landscapes of absence and illusion. (includes a brief listing of accommodations)Food/cooking/nutritionJohn A. Glusman
Desktop dining: getting down to business with tastes that transcend the workaday. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dessert party. (recipes included)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: a vegetarian menuFood/cooking/nutrition 
Easter dinner. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Feasting on the Holy Land.(a taste of Jerusalem's cuisine)Food/cooking/nutritionAlan Richman
Focus on San Francisco: take in the sights...and take home your best pictures ever.(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Food scientist: Shirley Corriher.(includes related article on how to store tomatoes)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferretti, Jane Daniels
Fourmet's quick kitchen.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet holidays: Turks & Caicos. (Caribbean islands)(includes travel information and recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionIan Keown
Gourmet's quick kitchen. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gumbo: a taste of Louisiana.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Hamantaschen: cookies for celebrating Purim. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionSusan Kleinman
Hogarth's progress.(British painter William Hogarth)Food/cooking/nutritionKathy Arnold
House drinks and bar bites.(cocktails)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Italy's majolica road: savoring a stay in Deruta.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionIrwin Glusker
Jazz a la Montreal.(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side, a taste of the Mediterranean. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side: rich resolutions.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side using your noodles. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining with a skinny steak.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: hors d'oeuvres on the light side. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: hors d'oeuvres on the light side.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: spa fare coast to coast.(tasty, low-fat foods)Food/cooking/nutrition 
London calling.(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Los dias de los muertos.(cooking expert Zarela Martinez)(includes recipes on Mexican dishes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Lunch at Le Toiny.(France's Hotel Le Toiny)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Mashed potatoes. (includes recipes) (The Last Touch)Food/cooking/nutrition 
New Year's Eve buffet party.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
New Year's Eve dinner for two.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Potatoes: Scandinavian style. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionBeatrice Ojakangas
Puerto Rico: nuevo latino and everything else.(The World of Hotel Dining)Food/cooking/nutritionIan Keown
Rocky mountain highs: from funky taverns to opulent dining rooms.(Colorado's restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionLinda Sanders
Rooms at the top.(The top 25 hotels around the world)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Room service.(hotel dining service)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Ryokan: the Japanese art of the inn.Food/cooking/nutritionAndy Birsh
Sage. (recipes)(The Last Touch)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sandwiches to savor. (recipes)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Scottsdale: a feast for the eyes. (Arizona)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sharing our strength. (Gourmet magazine sponsors dinner for charitable organization Share Our Strength)(includes recipe)(Editorial)Food/cooking/nutritionGail Zweigenthal
Sharing our strength.(includes recipe)(Editorial)Food/cooking/nutritionGail Zweigenthal
Shopping for Thai crafts.(Thailand's arts and crafts)Food/cooking/nutritionWilliam Warren
Snowboarding the Big Sky.Food/cooking/nutritionVerlyn Klinkenborg
Snowboarding the Big Sky: of generation gaps, grunge, and grace on a mountain in Montana.Food/cooking/nutritionVerlyn Klinkenborg
Songbirds in Ontario: an Earthwatch expedition.Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Kenyon
Spotlight on the strawberry. (includes recipes and related articles)Food/cooking/nutritionJane Daniels
Spring dinner. (recipes included)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Starring: stir-fries.(preparing stir-fry dishes)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sugar and spice. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sydney: crazy for culture and cuisine.(Sydney, Australia)Food/cooking/nutritionLeo Schofield
Sydney: letting in the sun.(The World of Hotel Dining)Food/cooking/nutritionLeo Schofield
Taquiza: A Mexican taco party.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Tart cherries: a fleeting summer passion.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionLeslie Glover Pendleton
Tastes of Malaysia: a melting pot of vibrant flavors. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionNina Simonds
The case of the Victorian detective: on the trail of Sherlock Holmes. (includes travel guide)(London Journal)Food/cooking/nutritionJo Durden-Smith
The Inner Hebrides.(islands of Scotland)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionJohn A. Glusman
The last touch: almond joys. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The not-so-thin man: food and the detective novel.Food/cooking/nutritionJeff Siegel
The pleasures of pomegranates.Food/cooking/nutrition 
The pleasures of pomegranates.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The right stuffings.(food fillings and filling techniques)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The secret life of celery root.(culinary properties of celery roots)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The serene spaces of Venice.Food/cooking/nutritionTony Hiss
The spirit of Hong Kong.(travel guide)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The world needs more Canada: Quebec City - the promise of romance.(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Toronto: a dynamic ethnic table.(restaurants of Toronto, Ontario)Food/cooking/nutritionFred Ferreti
Tuscan olive oils.(includes recipes and information on oil mills, restaurants and hotels in Tuscany)Food/cooking/nutritionFaith Heller Willinger
You asked for it.(include recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
You asked for it.(Recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
You asked for it.(restaurant recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
You asked for it. (South Street restaurant and Brookside Bistro recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Yuletide in Stockholm: celebrating the season, Swedish style. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionDavid Butwin
Yuletide in Stockholm.(includes recipes and directory of restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionDavid Butwin
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