Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect - Abstracts

Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect
Abuse of the elderly: services providing for victims in a Finnish nursing home - 1992-1993.SeniorsPerttu, Sirkka
A case manager's perspective.(ethical issues and dilemmas of elder care)SeniorsSonntag, Joseph
A case series of abused or neglected elders treated by an interdisciplinary geriatric team.SeniorsPavlik, Valory N., Hyman, David J., Murphy, Kathleen, Gleason, Mary S., Dyer, Carmel B., Barth, Justine, Portal, Betty
A community dialogue series on ethics and elder abuse: guidelines for decision-making.SeniorsAnetzberger, Georgia J., Dayton, Carol, McMonagle, Paulette
Advocating for the rights of vulnerable nursing home residents: creative strategies.SeniorsMenio, Diane A.
A fit person to run a home: registered homes tribunal interpretations of the 'fit person' concept in the United Kingdom.SeniorsBrammer, Alison
A legal perspective.(role of laws in preventing elder mistreatment)SeniorsHeisler, Candace J., Quinn, Mary Joy
'A medical perspective.(health care professionals on elder mistreatment)SeniorsWetle, Terrie T., Fulmer, Terry T.
A mental health perspective(clinical and ethical issues of elder mistreatment)SeniorsMarin, Robert S., Wettstein, Robert M., Lidz, Charles W., Morycz, Richard K., Booth, Bridget K.
American Indian elder abuse: risk and protective factors among the oldest Americans.SeniorsCarson, David K.
An Adult Protective Services perspective.SeniorsMixson, Paula M.
A national study of involuntary protective services to adult protective services clients.SeniorsDuke, Joy
An empirical examination of the characteristics, consequences, and causes of elder abuse in nursing homes.SeniorsPayne, Brian K., Cikovic, Richard
An ombudsman perspective.(role of the Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman in caring for abused aged)SeniorsSkelley-Walley, Jo Ellen
A qualitative examination of the similarities and differences of elder abuse definitions among four groups: nursing home directors, nursing home employees, police chiefs and students.SeniorsPayne, Brian K., Berg, Bruce L., Byars, Kristin
A religious perspective.(caring of abused individuals)SeniorsJohnson, Rhonda Eugene, Jr.
A survey of grass roots advocacy organizations for nursing home residents.SeniorsFilinson, Rachel
A test of public reactions to alleged elder abuse.SeniorsBlakely, B.E., Dolon, Ronald
Caregivers' sensitivity to conflict: the use of the vignette methodology.SeniorsRahman, Nalia
Commentaries on 'Preaching to the unconverted: educating physicians about elder abuse.'(enhancing physicians' detection and management of elder abuse)SeniorsRosenblatt, Dorrie E.
Commentaries on 'Preaching to the unconverted: educating physicians about elder abuse.'(increasing physicians' interest in elder abuse)SeniorsAnetzberger, Georgia J.
Commentaries on 'Preaching to the unconverted: educating physicians about elder abuse.'(need to medicalize elder abuse)SeniorsBaumhover, Lorin A.
Commentaries on 'Preaching to the unconverted: educating physicians about elder abuse.'(reframing elder abuse as a medical problem)SeniorsHudson, Margaret F.
Commentaries on 'Preaching to the unconverted: education physicians about elder abuse.'(physicians' reluctance in dealing with elder abuse)SeniorsO'Brien, James G.
Common and unique themes on elder abuse from a world-wide perspective.SeniorsKosberg, Jordan I., Garcia, Juanita L.
Conflict and aggression as stressors in the work environment of nursing assistants: implications for institutional elder abuse.SeniorsGoodridge, Donna M., Johnston, Patricia, Thomson, Maureen
Consumer views on assuring quality of care: lessons from "The Corporation" case.SeniorsBurger, Sarah Greene
Dealing with institutional abuse in a multicultural South African society.SeniorsConradie, Gerna
Decision-making and adult protective services workers: identifying critical factors.SeniorsBergeron, L. Rene
Developing and testing training materials on elder abuse and neglect for nurse aides.SeniorsBraun, Kathryn L., Suzuki, Kathy M., Cusick, C. Eiko, Howard-Carhart, Kimberly
Distinguishing cultural expectations in assessment of financial exploitation.SeniorsSanchez, Yolanda M.
Documenting inadequate care in the nursing home: the story of an undercover agent.(criminologist)SeniorsSpeaks, Garrett E.
Educating health and social service professionals in the detection and management of mistreated nursing home residents.(professors' strategies)SeniorsSiegler, Eugenia L., Capezuti, Elizabeth
Elder abuse among Asian Indians: traditional versus modern perspectives.SeniorsNagpaul, Kalma
Elder abuse and family violence: testimony presented before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging.(Transcript)Seniors 
Elder abuse and neglect in Poland.SeniorsHalicka, Malgorzata
Elder abuse and neglect in residential settings: the need for inclusiveness in elder abuse research.SeniorsGlendenning, Frank
'Elder abuse' as an innovation to Australia: a critical overview.SeniorsDunn, Peter F.
Elder abuse: can the British OPCS disability surveys throw any light? (Office of Population Censuses and Surveys)SeniorsHancock, Ruth, McCreadie, Claudine
Elder abuse: expert and public perspectives on its meaning.SeniorsCarlson, John R., Hudson, Margaret F.
Elder abuse: feminist and ageist perspectives.SeniorsCrichton, Susan J., Bond, John B., Jr., Harvey, Carol D.H., Ristock, Janice
Elder abuse in a forming society: Israel.SeniorsLowenstein, Ariela
Elder abuse in a land of tradition: the case of Israel's Arabs.SeniorsSharon, Nachman, Zoabi, Sameer
Elder abuse in Finland.SeniorsKivela, Sirkka-Liisa
Elder abuse in Hong Kong: a new family problem for the old East?SeniorsKwan, Alex Yui-huen
Elder abuse in India.SeniorsShah, Gita, Veedon, Rosasmma, Vasi, Sabiha
Elder abuse in nursing homes: the theft of patients' possessions.SeniorsHarris, Diane K.
Elder abuse in residential settings in Israel - myth or reality?SeniorsLowenstein, Ariela
Elder abuse in residential settings in Sweden.SeniorsBucht, Gosta, Saveman, Britt-Inger, Astrom, Sture, Norberg, Astrid
Elder abuse in South Africa.SeniorsEckley, S.C.A., Vilakazi, P.A.C.
Elder abuse in the Republic of Ireland.SeniorsHorkan, Elizabeth Mary
Elder abuse in the UK: a new jurisdiction?SeniorsBrammer, Alison
Enhancing the quality of care in residential and nursing homes: more than just a professional responsibility.SeniorsNolan, Mike
Ethics and elder mistreatment: uniting protocol with practice.SeniorsJohnson, Tanya Fusco
Examining the gray zones in guardianship and involuntary protective services laws.SeniorsAnetzberger, Georgia J., Schimer, Maria R.
Financial exploitation of elders: analysis of risk factors based on county adult protective services data.SeniorsChoi, Namkee G., Kulick, Deborah B., Mayer, James
For better or for worse: spouse abuse grown old.(spouse abuse among the elderly)SeniorsHarris, Sarah B.
Further validation of the QUALCARE Scale.SeniorsBravo, Gina, Girouard, Diane, Gosselin, Suzanne, Archambault, Celine, Dubois, Marie-France
Identifying and addressing the issues of elder abuse: a rural perspective.SeniorsCupitt, Margaret
Interventions in hypothetical elder abuse situations suggested by Swedish formal carers.SeniorsSaveman, Britt-Inger, Hallberg, Ingalill R.
Introducing a framework for defining financial abuse of the elderly.SeniorsWilber, Kathleen H., Reynolds, Sandra L.
Introduction.(Office of Attorney General and advocates collaborate to ensure protection of elderly nursing home residents in Pennsylvania)(Editorial)SeniorsCosten, Ronald Whitley
Introduction to the book.(Elder Abuse: International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives)SeniorsKosberg, Jordan I., Garcia, Juanita L.
Investigating British general practitioners' knowledge and experience of elder abuse: report of a research study in an inner London borough.SeniorsMcCreadie, Claudine, Bennett, Gerry, Tinker, Anthea
Investigating suspected elder maltreatment.SeniorsRamsey-Klawsnik, Holly
Lesbian, gay male, bisexual and transgendered elders: elder abuse and neglect issues.SeniorsCook-Daniels, Loree
Mistreatment of the elderly in Greece.SeniorsPitsiou-Darrough, Eleni N., Spinellis, C.D.
Mistreatment of Vietnamese elderly by their families in the United States.SeniorsQuyen Kim Le
Models of intervention for "elder abuse and neglect": a Canadian perspective on ageism, participation, and empowerment.SeniorsHarbison, Joan
Multidisciplinary ethical decision-making: uniting differing professional perspectives.(providing care in elder abuse and neglect)SeniorsHolstein, Martha
Muted lives: older battered women.SeniorsSeaver, Carol
National law enforcement programs to prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute elder abuse and neglect in health care facilities.SeniorsHodge, Paul D.
Neglect and abuse associated with undernutrition in long-term care in North America: causes and solutions.SeniorsAziz, Susan J.
Network effects in caregiver to care-recipient violence: a study of caregivers to those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.SeniorsKilburn, John C., Jr.
Norway: weakness in welfare.(Elder Abuse: International and Cross-Cultural Perspectives)SeniorsJohns, Sigurd, Hydle, Ida
Nursing home resident abuse by staff: exploring the dynamics.SeniorsShaw, Mary M. Conlin
Older people's understandings of verbal abuse.SeniorsNandlal, Joan M., Wood, Linda A.
Opening remarks. (Forgotten Victims of Financial Crimes and Abuse)SeniorsGrant, Isabella Horton
Perceptions of elder abuse and neglect and help-seeking patterns among Filipino and Korean elderly women in Honolulu.SeniorsBraun, Kathryn L., Pablo, Sharon
Potential for the abuse of medication for the elderly in residential and nursing homes in the UK.SeniorsChambers, Ruth
Preaching to the unconverted: educating physicians about elder abuse.SeniorsLachs, Mark S.
Private enforcement of criminal mandatory reporting laws.SeniorsMoskowitz, Seymour
Recognizing abuse and neglect in people with severe cognitive and/or communication impairments.SeniorsBaladerian, Nora J.
Results of a national survey of state protective services programs: assessing risk and defining victim outcomes.SeniorsGoodrich, Carolyn Stahl
Risk indicators of elder mistreatment in the community.SeniorsBouter, Lex M., Jonker, Cees, Smit, Johannes H., Pot, Anne Margriet, Comijs, Hannie C.
Scandalous care: interpreting public enquiry reports of scandals in residential care.SeniorsClough, Roger
Self-neglect among the elderly.SeniorsLongres, John F.
Setting the stage: the advocates' struggle to address gross neglect in Philadelphia nursing homes.SeniorsHirschel, Alison E.
The abuse of elderly men.SeniorsKosberg, Jordan I.
The application of the Culturagram in cross-cultural practice with elder abuse victims. (family abuse detection method)SeniorsBrownell, Patricia
The consequences of belonging: conflict management techniques among Japanese Americans.SeniorsTomita, Susan K.
The criminal prosecutor's roles in assuring quality of care in long term care settings.SeniorsCosten, Ronald Whitley
The intergenerational cycle of violence in child and elder abuse.SeniorsKorbin, Jill E., Anetzberger, Georgia, Austin, Craig
The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project: an edge against elder financial exploitation.SeniorsFox, Craig, Price, Gillian
Therapeutic recreation for the institutionalized elderly: choice or abuse.SeniorsHall, Barry L., Bocksnick, Jochen G.
The role of the academic nurse and physician in the criminal prosecution of nursing home mistreatment.SeniorsSiegler, Eugenia L., Capezuti, Elizabeth
Three case studies of elder mistreatment: identifying ethical issues.SeniorsKryk, Vicki
Understanding and combating elder abuse in Hispanic communities.SeniorsMontoya, Victor
Visibility blues: gender issues in elder abuse in institutional settings.SeniorsGriffin, Gabriele, Aitken, Lynda
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