Journal of Marriage and the Family 1995 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1995
A controlled parenting skills outcome study examining individual difference and attendance affects.Family and marriageWard, Thomas, Spoth, Richard, Redmond, Cleve, Haggerty, Kevin
Action-oriented research: models and methods.Family and marriageSmall, Stephen A.
Alternative methods for the quantitative analysis of panel data in family research: pooled time-series models.Family and marriageJohnson, David R.
American children view their grandparents: linked lives across three rural generations.Family and marriageElder, Glen H., Jr., King, Valarie
A model for the analysis of paired data.Family and marriageCarver, Karen, Teachman, Jay D., Day, Randal
An empirical investigation of sampling strategies in marital research.Family and marriageBradbury, Thomas N., Johnson, Matthew D., Davila, Joanne, Sullivan, Kieran T., Cohan, Catherine L., Karney, Benjamin R.
Antecedents of parent-adolescent disagreements.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Rueter, Martha A.
A parent's economic shadow: family structure versus family resources as influences on early school achievement.Family and marriageEntwisle, Doris R., Alexander, Karl L.
Assessing longitudinal change in marriage: an introduction to the analysis of growth curves.Family and marriageBradbury, Thomas N., Karney, Benjamin R.
A tutorial in logistic regression.Family and marriageDeMaris, Alfred
Belief and behavior: does religion matter in today's marriage?Family and marriageBooth, Alan, Johnson, David R., Sica, Alan, Branaman, Ann
Beyond drudgery, power, and equity: toward an expanded discourse on the moral dimensions of housework in families.Family and marriageAhlander, Nancy Rollins, Bahr, Kathleen Slaugh
Bridging the individual and the family.Family and marriageBenson, Mark J., Deal, James E.
Broad and narrow socialization: the family in the context of a cultural theory.Family and marriageArnett, Jeffrey Jensen
Butterflies and bifurcations: can chaos theory contribute to our understanding of family systems?Family and marriageWard, Margaret
Caregiver burden: differentiating the content and consequences of family caregiving.Family and marriageReinhard, Susan C., Horwitz, Allan V.
Cohabitation and divorce in Canada: testing the selectivity hypothesis.Family and marriageHall, David R., Zhao, John Z.
Cohabitation, marriage, and entry into motherhood.Family and marriageManning, Wendy D.
Commitment and dependency in marriage.Family and marriageNock, Steven L.
Comparing one-partner and couple data on sensitive marital behaviors: the case of marital violence.Family and marriageSzinovacz, Maximiliane E., Egley, Lance C.
Coparenting during the child's 2nd year: a descriptive account.Family and marriageBelsky, Jay, Gable, Sara, Crnic, Keith
Coping with dual-income lifestyle.Family and marriagePaden, Shelley L., Behler, Cheryl
Correlates of marital status among African American mothers in Chicago neighborhoods of concentrated poverty.Family and marriageFranklin, Donna L., Smith, Susan E., McMiller, William E.P.
Depression among older parents: the role of intergenerational exchange.Family and marriageLee, Gary R., Coward, Raymond T., Netzer, Julie K.
Deprivatization and the construction of domestic life.Family and marriageGubrium, Jaber F., Holstein, James A.
Detecting and correcting attrition bias in longitudinal family research.Family and marriageWright, David W., Miller, Richard B.
Determinants of child custody arrangements at divorce.Family and marriageFox, Greer Litton, Kelly, Robert F.
Do marital conventionalization scales measure a social desirability response bias? A confirmatory factor analysis.Family and marriageFowers, Blaine J., Applegate, Brooks
Explanatory practice in family studies.Family and marriageSprey, Jetse
Factors related to union formation among single mothers in Canada.Family and marriageLaplante, Benoit, Le Bourdais, Celine, Desrosiers, Helene
Factors that predispose middle-aged sons and daughters to provide social support to older parents.Family and marriageBengtson, Vern L., Silverstein, Merril, Parrott, Tonya M.
Family caregiving systems: models, resources, and values.Family and marriageKeith, Carolyn
Family stories in the early stages of parenthood.Family and marriageFiese, Barbara H., Hooker, Karen A., Kotary, Lisa, Schwagler, Janet, Rimmer, Meredith
Feminists and the ideology and practice of marital equality.Family and marriageAllen, Katherine R., Blaisure, Karen R.
Gender and family work in one-parent households.Family and marriageWalker, Alexis J., Hall, Leslie D., Acock, Alan C.
Gendered perceptions of father involvement in early 20th century America.Family and marriageLaRossa, Ralph, Reitzes, Donald C.
Gender ideology, marital disruption, and the employment of married women.Family and marriageGreenstein, Theodore N.
Genetic influence on family systems: implications for development.Family and marriageReiss, David
Helping between parents and young adult offspring: the role of parental marital quality, divorce, and remarriage.Family and marriageAmato, Paul R., Booth, Alan, Rezac, Sandra J.
Household labor in intergenerational households.Family and marriageSpitze, Glenna, Ward, Russell
Inner-city parents under economic pressure: perspectives on the strategies of parenting.Family and marriageElder, Glen H., Jr., Eccles, Jacqueline S., Ardelt, Monika, Lord, Sarah
Intergenerational solidarity and the workplace: employees' caregiving for their parents.Family and marriageYamada, Hiroko, Starrels, Marjorie E., Ingersoll-Dayton, Berit, Neal, Margaret B.
Juggling jobs and kids: the impact of employment schedules on fathers' caring for children.Family and marriageBrayfield, April
Linking family processes and academic competence among rural African American youths.Family and marriageBrody, Gene H., Stoneman, Zolinda, Flor, Douglas
Marriage as support or strain? Marital quality following the death of a parent.Family and marriageUmberson, Debra
Marriage, sex, and mortality.Family and marriageRogers, Richard G.
Maternal employment, parent involvement, and mathematics achievement among adolescents.Family and marriageMuller, Chandra
Measurement issues in the assessment of the experiences of parenthood.Family and marriageSabatelli, Ronald M., Waldron, Rebecca J.
Modeling family dynamics with event history techniques.Family and marriageCall, Vaughn R.A., Heaton, Tim B.
Modelling control in relationships.Family and marriageStets, Jan E.
Mothers' labor force participation in New York City: a reappraisal of the influence of household extension.Family and marriageRosenbaum, Emily, Gilbertson, Greta
Mother's solutions to childrearing problems: conditions and processes.Family and marriagePridham, Karen, Denney, Nancy, Pascoe, John, Chu, Yiu-Ming, Creasey, Diane
Multidimensional predictors of caregiver strain among older persons caring for frail spouses.Family and marriageMui, Ada C.
Parental work, family structure, and poverty among Latino children.Family and marriageLichter, Daniel T., Landale, Nancy S.
Patriarchal terrorism and common couple violence: two forms of violence against women.Family and marriageJohnson, Michael P.
Perception of adoption as social stigma: motivation for search and reunion.Family and marriageMarch, Karen
Predicting change in marital satisfaction from husbands' and wives' conflict resolution styles.Family and marriageKurdek, Lawrence A.
Racial differences in men's attitudes about women's gender roles.Family and marriageTickamyer, Ann R., Blee, Kathleen M.
Reconceptualizing marital status as a continuum of social attachment.Family and marriageRoss, Catherine E.
Remarriage, stepchildren, and marital conflict: challenges to the incomplete institutionalization hypothesis.Family and marriageDeMaris, Alfred, MacDonald, William L.
Reporting and interpreting results in family research.Family and marriageDeal, James E., Anderson, Edward R.
Social and psychological bases of homogamy for common psychiatric disorders.Family and marriageMcLeod, Jane D.
Social bonding and the cessation of partner violence across generations.Family and marriageLackey, Chad, Williams, Kirk R.
Social capital and successful development among at-risk youth.Family and marriageHughes, Mary Elizabeth, Furstenberg, Frank F., Jr.
Social sources of change in children's home environments: the effects of parental occupational experiences and family conditions.Family and marriageParcel, Toby L., Menaghan, Elizabeth G.
Socioeconomic stratification in family research.Family and marriageSmith, Thomas Ewin, Graham, Patricia B.
Survey approaches to the assessment of family functioning: conceptual, operational, and analytical issues.Family and marriageSabatelli, Ronald M., Bartle, Suzanne E.
The divorce process and young children's well-being: a prospective analysis.Family and marriageMorrison, Donna Ruane, Cherlin, Andrew J.
The effect of marriage, family, and religious ties on African American suicide ideology.Family and marriageStack, Steven, Wasserman, Ira
The effect of no-fault divorce law on the divorce rate across the 50 states and its relation to income, education and religiosity.Family and marriageRodgers, Joseph Lee, Nakonezny, Paul A., Shull, Robert D.
The effect of parental supportive behaviors on life satisfaction of adolescent offspring.Family and marriageMiller, Brent C., Norton, Maria C., Young, Margaret H., Hill, E. Jeffrey
The effects of unequal covariances and reliabilities on contemporaneous inference: the case of hostility and marital happiness.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Simons, Ronald L., Whitbeck, Les B.
The families of lesbians and gay men: a new frontier in family research.Family and marriageAllen, Katherine R., Demo, David H.
The importance of task in evaluating positive marital interactions.Family and marriageConger, Rand D., Ge, Xiaojia, Warner, Teddy D., Melby, Janet N.
The incidence and frequency of marital sex in a national sample.Family and marriageSchwartz, Pepper, Sprecher, Susan, Call, Vaughan
The place of feminism in family studies.Family and marriageWalker, Alexis J., Thompson, Linda
The retreat from marriage: its effect on unmarried children's exchange with parents.Family and marriageWhite, Lynn, Peterson, Debra
The role of family emotional expressiveness in the development of children's social competence.Family and marriageParke, Ross D., Boyum, Lisa Ann
The sleeper effect - myth or reality?Family and marriageDunlop, Rosemary, Burns, Ailsa
The social context of married women's work and its impact on black husbands and white husbands.Family and marriageOrbuch, Terri L., Custer, Lindsay
The stability of cohabitation relationships: the role of children.Family and marriageWu, Zheng
Toward a biopsychosocial model of domestic violence.Family and marriageGavazzi, Stephen M., McKenry, Patrick C., Julian, Teresa W.
Understanding and evaluating qualitative research.Family and marriageAdler, Patricia A., Adler, Peter, Ambert, Anne-Marie, Detzner, Daniel F.
Utilizing data from multiple family members: a within-family approach.Family and marriageDeal, James E.
Valiant girls and vulnerable boys: the impact of gender and race on mothers' caregiving for chronically ill children.Family and marriageHill, Shirley A., Zimmerman, Mary K.
Welfare use across generations: how important are the ties that bind?(welfare recipients)Family and marriageRank, Mark R., Cheng, Li-Chen
We shared something special: the moral discourse of incest perpetrators.Family and marriageGilgun, Jane F.
Women's marital naming in two generations: a national study.Family and marriageJohnson, David R., Scheuble, Laurie K.
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