Journal of Marriage and the Family 2000 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 2000
A conscious and inclusive family studies.Family and marriageAllen, Katherine R.
Adolescents' plans for family formation: is parental socialization important?Family and marriageStarrels, Marjorie E., Holm, Kristen E.
A new marriage squeeze for black women: The role of racial intermarriage by black men.Family and marriageCrowder, Kyle D., Tolnay, Stewart E.
A theory of marital sexual life.Family and marriageLiu, Chien
Biosocial perspectives on the family.(social science research)Family and marriageBooth, Alan, Carver, Karen, Granger, Douglas A.
Change in gender-ideology, 1977-1996: the contributions of intracohort change and population turnover.Family and marriageBrewster, Karin L., Padavic, Irene
Changes in housework after retirement: A panel analysis.Family and marriageSzinovacz, Maximiliane E.
Conceiving and investigating motherhood: The decade's scholarship.(social science research)Family and marriageArendell, Terry
Decade Review: Observing marital interaction.(social science research)Family and marriageGottman, John M., Notarius, Clifford I.
Economic circumstances and family outcomes: A review of the 1990s.(social science research)Family and marriageWhite, Lynn, Rogers, Stacy J.
Economic dependence, gender, and the division of labor in the home: a replication and extension.Family and marriageGreenstein, Theodore N.
Expensive children in poor families: out-of-pocket expenditures for the care of disabled and chronically ill children in welfare families.Family and marriageLukemeyer, Anna, Meyers, Marcia K., Smeeding, Timothy
Factors related to successful outcomes among preschool children born to low-income adolescent mothers.Family and marriageLuster, Tom, Bates, Laura, Fitzgerald, Hiram, Vandenbelt, Marcia
Families formed outside of marriage.(social science research)Family and marriageSeltzer, Judith A.
Families in poverty in the 1990s: Trends, causes, consequences, and lessons learned.(social science research)Family and marriageSeccombe, Karen
Families in the middle and later years: A review and critique of research in the 1990s.Family and marriageAllen, Katherine R., Blieszner, Rosemary, Roberto, Karen A.
Families with young children: A review of research in the 1990s.Family and marriageDemo, David H., Cox, Martha J.
Family relationships of lesbians and gay men.(social science research)Family and marriagePatterson, Charlotte J.
Family stress during the Czech transformation.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Hraba, Joseph, Pechacova, Zdenka
Family structure and children's success: a comparison of widowed and divorced single-mother families.Family and marriageBiblarz, Timothy J., Gottainer, Greg
Family ties and the discontinuity of divorce in black and white newlywed couples.Family and marriageTimmer, Susan G., Veroff, Joseph
Family, work, work-family spillover, and problem drinking during midlife.Family and marriageGrzywacz, Joseph G., Marks, Nadine F.
Fire and ice in marital communication: Hostile and distancing behaviors as predictors of marital distress.Family and marriageRoberts,Linda J.
Gender and families: Feminist perspectives and family research.Family and marriageFox, Greer Litton, Murry, Velma McBride
Hard living, perceived entitlement to a great marriage, and marital dissolution.Family and marriageSanchez, Laura, Gager, Constance T.
Harsh physical discipline in childhood and violence in later romantic involvements: the mediating role of problem behaviors.Family and marriageSwinford, Steven P., DeMaris, Alfred, Cernkovich, Stephen A., Giordano, Peggy C.
Has family policy come of age? A decade review of the state of U.S. family policy in the 1990s.(social science research)Family and marriageBogenschneider, Karen
Historical perspectives on family studies.Family and marriageCoontz, Stephanie
How do children matter? A comparison of gender earnings inequality for young adults in the former East Germany and the former West Germany.Family and marriageTrappe, Heike, Rosenfeld, Rachel A.
Inheritance of welfare recipiency: An intergenerational study of social assistance recipiency in postwar Sweden.Family and marriageStenberg, Sten-Ake
In the mix, yet on the margins: The place of families in urban neighborhood and child development research.(family ecologies)Family and marriageBurton, Linda M., Jarrett, Robin L.
Just how do I love thee?: Marital relations in urban China.Family and marriageEfron Pimentel, Ellen
Marital conflict and children's emotions: The development of an anger organization.Family and marriageJenkins, Jennifer M.
Marital processes and parental socialization in families of color: A decade review of research.Family and marriageMcLoyd, Vonnie, Cauce, Ana Mari, Takeuchi, David, Wilson, Leon
Modeling the effects of expressed emotion, psychiatric symptomology, and marital quality levels on male and female verbal aggression.Family and marriageGavazzi, Stephen M., McKenry, Patrick C., Jacobson, Jill A., Julian, Teresa W., Lohman, Brenda
Nonstandard work schedules and marital instability.Family and marriagePresser, Harriet B.
Parent-adolescent language use and relationships among immigrant families with East Asian, Filipino, and Latin American backgrounds.Family and marriageTseng, Vivian, Fuligni, Andrew J.
Parents' affect, adolescent cognitive representations, and adolescent social development.Family and marriageHarold, Gordon T., Paley, Blair, Conger, Rand D.
Perceived fairness and compliance with child support obligations.Family and marriageLin, I-Fen
Perceived paternal and maternal acceptance and rural African American and European American youths' psychological adjustment.Family and marriageVeneziano, Robert A.
Perspectives on American kinship in the later 1990s.Family and marriageJhnson, Colleen L.
Predictors of divorce adjustment: Stressors, resources and definitions.Family and marriageWang, Hongyu, Amato, Paul R.
Refracted knowledge: Viewing families through the prism of social science.Family and marriageWalker, Alexis J.
Reinvestigating remarriage: Another decade of progress.(social science research)Family and marriageColeman, Marilyn, Ganong, Lawrence, Fine, Mark
Reply to 'From basic research to interventions'.Family and marriageGottman, John, Carrere, Sybil, Swanson, Catherine, Coan, James A.
Research on domestic violence in the 1990s: Making distinctions.(social science research)Family and marriageJohnson, Michael P., Ferraro, Kathleen J.
Research on household labor: Modeling and measuring the social embeddedness of routine family work.(social science research)Family and marriageColtrane, Scott
Research on the nature and determinants of marital satisfaction: A decade in review.(social science research)Family and marriageBradbury, Thomas N., Fincham, Frank D., Beach, Steven R. H.
Rural black women and depression: A contextual analysis.Family and marriageBrown, Anita C., Brody, Gene H., Stoneman, Zolinda
Scholarship on fatherhood in the 1990s and beyond.(social science research)Family and marriageMarsiglio, William, Amato, Paul, Day, Randal D., Lamb, Michael E.
Self-report and observational assessment of couples' conflict: The concordance between the Communication Patterns Questionnaire and the KPI Observation System.Family and marriageHahlweg, Kurt, Kaiser, Andrea, Christensen, Andrew, Fehm-Wolfsdorf, Gabriele, Groth, Thomas
Sexual infidelity among married and cohabiting Americans.Family and marriageTreas, Judith, Giesen, Deirdre
Sexuality in marriage, dating, and other relationships: A decade review.(social science research)Family and marriageChristopher, F. Scott, Sprecher, Susan
Social contingencies in mental health: A seven-year follow-up study of teenage mothers.Family and marriageJay Turner, R., sorenson, Ann M., Blake Turner, J.
Staying out of trouble: community resources and problem behavior among high-risk adolescents.Family and marriageKowaleski-Jones, Lori
Step in or stay out? Prents' roles in adolescent siblings' relationships.Family and marriageMcHale, Susan M., Updegraff, Kimberly A., Tucker, Corinna J., Crouter, Ann C.
Structural flaws in the bridge form basic research on marriage to interventions for couples.Family and marriageStanley, Scott M., Bradbury, Thomas N., Markman, Howard J.
Studying postmodern families: A feminist analysis of ethical tensions in work and family research.Family and marriageMcGraw, Lori A., Zvonkovic, Anisa M., Walker, Alexis J.
Subsequent fertility among teen mothers: longitudinal analyses of recent national data.Family and marriageManlove, Jennifer, Mariner, Carrie, Papillo, Angela Romano
'Swapping' families: Serial parenting and economic support for children.Family and marriageManning, Wendy D., Smock, Pamela J.
Teasing out the lessons of the 1960s: Family diversity and family privilege.Family and marriageMarks, Stephen R.
Teenage pregnancy and female educational underachievement: A prospective study of a New Zealand birth cohort.Family and marriageFergusson, Dvid M., Woodward, Lianne J.
The changing culture of fatherhood in comic-strip families: a six-decade analysis.Family and marriageLaRossa, Ralph, Jaret, Charles, Gadgil, Malati, Wynn, G. Robert
The changing demography of America's families.(social science research)Family and marriageCrowder, Kyle D., Teachman, Jay D., Tedrow, Lucky M.
The consequences of divorce for adults and children.(social science research)Family and marriageAmato, Paul R.
The critical shapes of body image: The role of culture and family in the production of eating disorders.Family and marriageHaworth-Hoeppner, Susan
The economic consequences of child sexual abuse for adult lesbian women.Family and marriageHyman, Batya
The effects of parenting on the development of adolescent alcohol misuse: A six-wave latent growth model.Family and marriageBarnes, Grace, M., Reifman, Alan S., Farrell, Michael P., Dintcheff, Barbara A.
The Family Unpredictability Scale: reliability and validity.Family and marriageRoss, Lisa Thomson, Hill, Elizabeth M.
The intergenerational transmission of spouse abuse: A meta-analysis.Family and marriageStith, Sandra M., Rosen, Karen H., Middleton, Kimberly A., Busch, Amy L., Lundeberg, Kirsten, Carlton, Russell P.
'The normal American family' as an interpretive structure of family life among grown children of Korean and Vietnamese immigrants.Family and marriagePyke, Karen
Theorizing in family studies: Discovering process.Family and marriageSprey, Jetse
The reported influence of research participation on premarital relationships.Family and marriageHughes, Debra K., Surra, Catherine A.
The social ecology of marriage and other intimate unions.Family and marriageHuston, Ted L.
The sociology of adolescence and youth in the 1990s: A critical commentary.(social science research)Family and marriageFurstenberg, Frank F.
The timing of divorce: Predicting when a couple will divorce over a 14-year period.Family and marriageMordechai Gottman, John, Levenson, Robert Wayne
Till discord do us part: The role of physical and verbal conflict in union disruption.Family and marriageDeMaris, Alfred
Timing of parental separation and attachment to parents in adolescence: Results of a prospective study from birth to age 16.Family and marriageWoodward, Lianne, Fergusson, David M., Belsky, Jay
Union transitions among cohabitors: The significance of relationship assessments and expectations.Family and marriageBrown, Susan L.
We are all responsible for responsible fathering: a response to Walker and McGraw.(response to article by Alexis J. Walker and Lori A. McGraw in this issue, p. 563)Family and marriageDoherty, William J., Kouneski, Edward F., Erickson, Martha Farrell
Welfare and work: Complementary strategies for low-income women?Family and marriageSmith, Judith R., Brooks-Gun, Jeanne, Klebanov, Pamela K., Lee, Kyunghee
Who is responsible for responsible fathering?(response to William Doherty, Edward Kouneski and Martha Erickson, Journal of Marriage and the Family, vol. 60, p. 277, May 1998)Family and marriageMcGraw, Lori A., Walker, Alexis J.
Work and family in the 1990s.(social science research)Family and marriageCrouter, Ann C., Perry-Jenkins, Maureen, Repetti, Rena L.
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