Journal of Marriage and the Family 1998 - Abstracts

Journal of Marriage and the Family 1998
A national portrait of family structure and adolescent drug use.Family and marriageHoffmann, John P., Johnson, Robert A.
An ecological, risk-factor examination of adolescents' sexual activity in three ethnic groups.Family and marriageLuster, Tom, Small, Stephen, Perkins, Daniel F., Villarruel, Francisco A.
An empirical typology of drinking partnerships and their relationship to marital functioning and drinking consequences.Family and marriageLeonard, Kenneth E., Roberts, Linda J.
An intergenerational examination of patterns of individual and family adjustment.Family and marriageBartle-Haring, Suzanne, Sabatelli, Ronald
An introduction to the analysis of paired hazard rates in studies of the family.Family and marriageSmith, Ken R., McClean, Sally I.
Attitudes regarding obligations to assist an older parent or stepparent following later-life remarriage.Family and marriageColeman, Marilyn, Ganong, Lawrence, McDaniel, Annette Kusgen, Killian, Tim
Attunement between parents and professional caregivers: a comparison of childrearing attitudes in different child-care settings.Family and marriageIjzendoorn, Marinus H. van, Tavecchio, Louis W.C., Stams, Geert-Jan, Verhoeven, Mieke, Reiling, Erna
Avenues and barriers to residential mobility among single mothers.Family and marriageCrowder, Kyle D., South, Scott J.
Back to the basics: trends in and role determinants of women's attitudes toward housework.Family and marriageRobinson, John P., Milkie, Melissa A.
"Because they're my parents": an intergenerational study of felt obligation and parental caregiving.Family and marriageStein, Catherine H., Wemmerus, Virginia A., Ward, Marcia, Gaines, Michelle E., Freeberg, Andrew L., Jewell, Thomas C.
Competitive parenting: the culture of teen mothers.Family and marriageHigginson, Joanna Gregson
Culture, parental conflict, parental marital status, and the subjective well-being of young adults.Family and marriageOishi, Shigehiro, Diener, Ed, Gohm, Carol L., Darlington, Janet
Does it hurt to care? Caregiving, work-family conflict, and midlife well-being.Family and marriageMarks, Nadine F.
Doing it fairly: a study of postgender marriages.Family and marriageRisman, Barbara J., Johnson-Sumerford, Danette
Domestic violence, personal control, amd gender.Family and marriageUmberson, Debra, Anderson, Kristin, Glick, Jennifer, Shapiro, Adam
Do parents' social activities promote children's social attainments? Evidence from the German socioeconomic panel.Family and marriageDuncan, Greg J., Buchel, Felix
Do safety nets work? The role anticipated help in times of need.Family and marriageDavey, Adam, Eggebeen, David J.
Economic independence, economic status, and empty nest in midlife marital disruption.Family and marriageO'Rand, Angela M., Hiedemann, Bridget, Suhomlinova, Olga
Economic well-being following an exit from Aid to Families with Dependent Children.Family and marriageCancian, Maria, Meyer, Daniel R.
Effects of life course transitions on the quality of relationships between adult children and their parents.Family and marriageUhlenberg, Peter, Kaufman, Gayle
Employment status, psychological well-being, social support, and physical practices of single Black mothers.Family and marriageBrooks-Gunn, Jeanne, Jackson, Aurora P., Gyamfi, Phyllis, Blake, Mandy
Family experiences and the erosion of support for intergenerational coresidence.Family and marriageGoldscheider, Frances K., Lawton, Leora
Family processes, parent-child intercations, and child characteristics influencing school-based social adjustment.Family and marriageAdams, Gerald R., Ryan, Bruce A., Ketsetzis, Maria
Family, religiosity, and the risk of adolescent drug use.Family and marriageBahr, Stephen J., Maughan, Suzanne L., Marcos, Anastasios C., Li, Bingdao
Family structure, schoolmates, and racial inequalities in school achievement.Family and marriageBankston, Carl L., III, Caldas, Stephen J.
Family type and depression in pregnancy: factors mediating risk in a community sample.Family and marriageDunn, Judy, O'Connor, Thomas G., Thorpe, Karen, Golding, Jean, Hawkins, Neil
Fathering over time: what makes the difference?Family and marriageAldous, Joan, Mulligan, Gail M., Bjarnason, Thoroddur
Gender and fairness: marital satisfaction in two-earner couples.Family and marriageFerree, Myra Marx, Wilkie, Jane Riblett, Ratcliff, Kathryn Strother
Gender liberation, economic squeeze, or fear of strangers: why fathers provide infant care in dual-earner families.Family and marriageGlass, Jennifer
Hitting without a license: testing explanations for differences in partner abuse between young adult daters and cohabitors.Family and marriageCaspi, Avshalom, Silva, Phil A., Moffitt, Terrie, Magdol, Lynn
Husbands' and wives' resources and marital dissolution.Family and marriageOno, Hiromi
In defense of parental investment. (response to article by Sharon Hays, in this issue, p. 782)Family and marriageBradley, Robert H.
Intergenerational ambivalence: a new approach to the study of parent-child relations in later life.Family and marriagePillemer, Karl, Luescher, Kurt
Intergenerational financial support among Whites, African Americans, and Latinos.Family and marriageLee, Yean-Ju, Aytac, Isik A.
Interparental conflict styles and youth problem behaviors: a two-sample replication study.Family and marriageBuehler, Cheryl, Krishnakumar, Ambika, Barber, Brian K., Stone, Gaye, Gerard, Jean, Pemberton, Sharon, Anthony, Christine
Later marriages or fewer? Changes in the marital behavior of Japanese women.Family and marriageRaymo, James M.
Marital dissatisfaction, psychological distress, and the coping of parents of pediatric cancer patients.Family and marriageHoekstra-Weebers, Josette E.H.M., Jaspers, Jan P.C., Kamps, Willem A., Klip, Ed C.
Marital status and happiness: a 17-nation study.Family and marriageStack, Steven, Eshleman, J. Ross
Marriage type and reproducible decisions: a comparative study in sub-Saharan Africa.Family and marriageDoodoo, F. Nii-Amoo
Modeling acts of aggression and dominance as wife abuse and exploring their adverse health effects.Family and marriageRatner, Pamela A.
"Other teens drink, but not my kid": does parental awareness of adolescent alcohol use protect adolescents from risky consequences?Family and marriageBogenschneider, Karen, Raffaelli, Marcela, Tsay, Jenner C., Wu, Ming-Yeh
Parental education and adolescent self-reported physical health.Family and marriageLorenz, Frederick O., Conger, Rand D., Elder, Glen H., Jr., Wickrama, K.A.S.
Parents' risk and protective factors as predictors of parental well-being and behavior.Family and marriageVoydanoff, Patricia, Donnelly, Brenda W.
Patterns of child support compliance in Wisconsin.Family and marriageBartfeld, Judi, Meyer, Daniel R.
Perceived paternal acceptance, paternal involvement, and youths' psychological adjustment in a rural, biracial southern community. (McIntosh County, Georgia)Family and marriageVeneziano, Robert A., Rohner, Ronald P.
Perceptions of parents: a measure of adolescents' feelings about their parents.Family and marriagePhares, Vicky, Renk, Kimberly
Predicting marital happiness and stability from newlywed interactions.Family and marriageCarrere, Sybil, Swanson, Catherine, Gottman, John M., Coan, James
Predicting spanking of younger and older children by mothers and fathers.Family and marriagePeterson, Gary W., Day, Randal D., McCracken, Coleen
Premarital sexual aggressors: a multivariate analysis of social, relational, and individual variables.Family and marriageChristopher, F. Scott, Weaver, Lori, Madura, Mary
Punishment enhances reasoning's effectiveness as a disciplinary response to toddlers.Family and marriageLarson, David B., Larzelere, Robert E., Sather, Paul R., Schneider, William N., Pike, Patricia L.
Race differences in filial responsibility expectations among older parents.Family and marriageLee, Gary R., Coward, Raymond T., Peek, Chuck W.
Racial and ethnic differences in girls' sexual, marital, and birth expectations.Family and marriageEast, Patricia L.
Relationship outcomes and their predictors: longitudinal evidence from heterosexual married, gay cohabiting, and lesbian cohabiting couples.Family and marriageKurdek, Lawrence A.
Responsible fathering: an overview and conceptual framework.Family and marriageDoherty, William J., Kouneski, Edward F., Erickson, Martha F.
Sampling design effects: do they affect the analyses of data from the National Survey of Families and Households?Family and marriageJohnson, David R., Elliott, Lisa A.
Satisfaction with parenting: the role of marital happiness, family structure, and parents' gender.Family and marriageRogers, Stacy J., White, Lynn K.
Satisfaction with relationship power and the perpetration of dating violence.Family and marriageArias, Ileana, Ronfeldt, Heidi M., Kimerling, Rachel
Sex differences in prospective associations between marital quality and depressed mood.Family and marriageWeiss, Robert L., Dehle, Crystal
Sex of parent and children's well-being in single-parent households.Family and marriageDufur, Mikaela J., Downey, Douglas B., Ainsworth-Darnell, James W.
Sibling resemblance in behavioral and cognitive outcomes: the role of father presence.Family and marriageCarver, Karen, Teachman, Jay, Day, Randal, Paasch, Kathleen, Call, Vaughn
Socialization in the family of origin and male dating violence: a prospective study.Family and marriageSimons, Ronald L., Lin, Kuei-Hsiu, Gordon, Leslie C.
Spousal influence on retirement: his, her, and their perceptions.Family and marriageMoen, Phyllis, Smith, Deborah B.
The changing impact of religion on the sexual and contraceptive behavior of adolescent women in the United States.Family and marriageBrewster, Karin L., Rindfuss, Ronald R., Guilkey, David K., Cooksey, Elizabeth C.
The course of marital success and failure in five American 10-year marriage cohorts.Family and marriageGlenn, Norval D.
The economic impact of nonmarital childbearing: how are older, single mothers faring?Family and marriageFoster, E. Michael, Jones, Damon, Hoffman, Saul D.
The effects of childhood family structure on leaving and returning home.Family and marriageGoldscheider, Frances K., Goldscheider, Calvin
The fallacious assumptions and unrealistic prescriptions of attachment theory: a comment on "Parents' Socioemotional Investment in Children." (response to Robert H. Bradley et al in Journal of Marriage and the Family, vol. 59, p. 77, 1997)Family and marriageHays, Sharon
The family and educational aspirations.Family and marriageTeachman, Jay D., Paasch, Kathleen
The impact of husbands' and wives' relative earnings on marital disruption.Family and marriageHeckert, D. Alex, Nowak, Thomas C., Snyder, Kay A.
Theorizing about family caregiving: the role of responsibility.Family and marriagePiercy, Kathleen W.
The perils of love, or why wives adapt to husbands during the transition to parenthood.Family and marriageHuston, Ted L., Johnson, Elizabeth M.
The relationship of cohabitation and mental health: a study of a young adult cohort.Family and marriageWhite, Helene Raskin, Horwitz, Allan V.
"They think you ain't much of nothing": the social construction of the welfare mother.Family and marriageSeccombe, Karen, James, Delores, Walters, Kimberly Battle
Trajectories of grandparents' perceived solidarity with adult grandchildren: a growth curve analysis over 23 years.Family and marriageSilverstein, Merril, Long, Jeffrey D.
Welfare background, attitudes, and employment among new mothers.Family and marriageLeibowitz, Arleen, Greenwell, Lisa, Klerman, Jacob Alex
Who's counting? Quasi-facts and stepfamilies in reports of number of siblings.Family and marriageWhite, Lynn
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