Building 1996 - Abstracts

Building 1996
2000 Homes back on track.(Building Homes supplement; UK housebuilding design project)Construction and materials industries 
A brief view of the bill. (an analysis of the likely impact of the UK's proposed Construction Bill)Construction and materials industriesJennie Price, Anne Minogue, Rudy Klein, Mike Mateo
A case of poor definition. (new Definition of Daywork for construction workers)Construction and materials industriesAndrew R. Hemsley
Approaching melting point: recent optimism in the housebuilding industry may be premature.Construction and materials industriesMichael Sir. Latham
Architects named for Paternoster scheme. (Paternoster Square in the City of London)Construction and materials industries 
Avoiding the landfill tax.Construction and materials industriesKaren Cooksley
Being there. (implications of virtual reality for construction industry)Construction and materials industriesChris Partridge
Business support and challenge funding. (new government funding mechanism for business support schemes in the United Kingdom)Construction and materials industries 
Cape of good housing opportunities. (opportunities for UK housebuilders in South Africa)(Building Homes)Construction and materials industriesEvelyn Vernea
Chris Bazlinton.(Housing Bill, United Kingdom)Construction and materials industriesChris BAzlinton
Combine harvester. (computer software) (includes related articles)Construction and materials industriesMatthew Kyte
Common problems in ADR. (alternative dispute resolution).Construction and materials industriesJon Miller
Construction of contracts.(construction of contracts and sub-contracts in Britain)Construction and materials industriesTim Elliot
Contract grillers.(interpretation of changes to UK arbitration law)Construction and materials industriesTony Bingham, Rudi Klein, Tony Blackler, John Redmond, Philip Morris, Julian Critchlow
Contractors act as PFI hits critical list: pressure is put on ministers to get privately financed hospitals off the waiting list and on site as contractors and health officials clash over who is to blame for PFI delays.Construction and materials industriesDenis Chevin
Cool and the gang. (comparison of cooling and electrical installation systems costs)Construction and materials industries 
Costing quality.(construction design management systems)Construction and materials industriesTerry McCarthy
Cost model.(procurement, luxury hotels)Construction and materials industries 
Cross-country race. (European contractors seek foreign markets)(Top 500.)Construction and materials industriesJacquie Cannon
Daydream believers. (Homes for Change project nears completion in Manchester, England)Construction and materials industries 
Designing for safety. (design and build contracts should take account of CDM regulations)Construction and materials industriesDavid Mosey
DIY hard. (self building) (includes related articles) (Building Homes)Construction and materials industriesMark Brinkley
DOE planning rules forcing up prices: house and land values set to rise on the back of anti-pollution guideline PPG 13. (Building Homes).Construction and materials industries 
Don't worry, be happy: want to keep your head above water in the construction business? Then set realistic targets, treat your staff well and don't let the bad times get you down.Construction and materials industriesDavid Chambers
Drafting PFI documents. (private finance initiative)Construction and materials industriesSusan Owen
Education of construction professionals.Construction and materials industries 
Eire force. (Ove Arup's Irish arm celebrates its half-century)Construction and materials industriesJessica Thompson Cargill
Employment agreements.Construction and materials industriesEdward Goodwyn
Enforcing safety law. (enforcing health and safety law in the construction industry)(Column)Construction and materials industriesGeorge Ventris, Mark Tyler
En-suite talk.(retail house sales strategy)Construction and materials industriesAlexei Orlov
European top 200 materials producers.(Top 500.)Construction and materials industries 
European top 300 contractors.(Top 500.)Construction and materials industries 
Fee enterprise. (free sites on Internet set to disappear as companies start charging for information on web sites)Construction and materials industriesSteve Simister
Fitness for purpose and PFI. (contracts negotiated under the private finance initiative in the United Kingdom)Construction and materials industriesJohn Chandler, Steven Janes
Foresite. (digest monitoring procurement lead times) (Procurement)Construction and materials industriesGuy France
Foresite. (procurement lead times) (Procurement)Construction and materials industriesGary France
Form favourite. (survey of contract types used in the construction industry in 1995) (Procurement)Construction and materials industries 
Golden retriever.(National Trust opens a restoration of one of Erno Goldfinger's pre-war buildings)Construction and materials industriesSteve Thomas-Emberson
Grease is the word. (an assessment of two building site caterers)Construction and materials industriesJessica Thomspon Cargill
Happy couple: Terry Farrell & Partners' extension to Lisbon's Do Rossio station had to joint a 19th-century structure without upstaging it.Construction and materials industriesThompson Cargill Jessica
Hard times.(construction industry jobs)Construction and materials industriesJessica Cargill
Healthy option. (CDM Toolkit: software)(Evaluation)Construction and materials industriesMalcolm Davidson
Heseltine's speech to the industry. (Michael Heseltine; British industry)(Industry Overview)Construction and materials industries 
Housing Corporation-funded starts to rise 41%.(Housing Corporation, United Kingdom)Construction and materials industries 
How is it for you?(construction industry in major UK cities)Construction and materials industries 
If you are the same as everyone else, you can't charge a premium. If you can't charge a premium but you have had to buy land at a premium, you're dead in the water. (Alexei Orlov, marketing director of Redrow)(Building Homes)(Interview)Construction and materials industries 
Impossible? That depends. (physical impossibility in standard form construction contracts)Construction and materials industriesNeal Morris
Is the contract guaranteed? (ensuring security for performance of building contracts)Construction and materials industriesChristopher Meara
Is there a bond that works? (ABE and ICE bonds)Construction and materials industriesDavid Mosey
It's a mud, mud, mud, mud world. (mud and polystyrene houses).Construction and materials industriesAlan Jabez
Jeremy Whithers Green.(British housebuilders)(Column)(Industry Overview)Construction and materials industriesJeremy Withers Green
Jeremy Withers Green.(Building Homes supplement; UK; shared appreciation mortgages)Construction and materials industriesJeremy Withers Green
Joint business audit of local small construction firms.(UK Manchester TEC/Business Link)Construction and materials industriesChris Guiton
Keeping control of the design: Reading university's report on design and build concludes that one of its main problems is that contractors don't understand the design process.Construction and materials industriesMichael Manser
Land and freedom. (developing derelict land)Construction and materials industriesGeorge Monbiot
Landfill: costing the earth. (UK landfill tax)Construction and materials industriesChristopher D. Meara
Legal eagles. (the UK's leading construction lawyers)Construction and materials industries 
Loss leaders. (performance of UK contractors and housebuilders in 1995)Construction and materials industriesMartin Hewes
Lost ideal.(Ideal Home Exhibition, United Kingdom)Construction and materials industriesLesley Gililan
Lovell's strong potion for Costain.Construction and materials industriesAlan Lovell
Mission impossible. (avoiding liability when construction works are impossible to complete).Construction and materials industriesJonathan French, Vincent Rowan
More pain little gain.(Construction industry 1996 forecast)Construction and materials industries 
Motion picture.(procurement, construction industry materials prices)Construction and materials industries 
Mr M25. (Dennis Cope, chairman of Fairview New Homes)(Building Homes Supplement)(Interview)(Company Profile)Construction and materials industriesJeremy Murch
Offices of the future. (includes related articles)(Cost Model)(Procurement)Construction and materials industries 
Paths of succession test families and partners. (Handing Over)Construction and materials industries 
PFI contract terms. (private finance initiative)Construction and materials industriesMichael Matheou
PFI hospitals: overview and cost model. (Building Procurement)Construction and materials industries 
Playing the market.(Building Homes supplement; North British Housing Association, United Kingdom)(Company Profile)Construction and materials industriesjosephine Smit
Playing the numbers game: Berkshire's victory over the House Builders Federation to restrict the number of new homes than can be built in the country means that NIMBY councils can call the tune.Construction and materials industriesNigel Moore
Police renew Ashford death inquiries. (investigation into collapse of office block in Ashford, England, in 1995)Construction and materials industries 
Possession and ownership. (rights of ownership of documents).Construction and materials industriesSarah Thomas
Power steering. (Frances Heaton, non-executive director of WS Atkins)(Interview)Construction and materials industries 
Pricing the risks: times are hard for contractors and they now need to cost risk for jobs. Thus, if work includes a high transfer of risk, this will be reflected in a higher price.Construction and materials industriesAndrew R. Hemsley
Procurement and the PFI. (procurement implications of the private finance initiative)Construction and materials industriesMark Lane, Hilary Norris
Progressing the PFI in local government. (Private Finance Initiative)Construction and materials industries 
Quantum meruit claims: a formal contract does not always exist for building work, and so there is no framework for claims.Construction and materials industriesJohn Gerszt
Re-defining moments. (work by young architects; RIBA, London, England)Construction and materials industriesSteve Thomas-Emberson
Rising sum. (annual survey of salaries in the United Kingdom construction industry)(Industry Overview)(Cover Story)Construction and materials industries 
Rules of engagement. (how public procurement regulations apply to contractors acting as employers in private finance initiative schemes)Construction and materials industriesJennifer Skilbeck
Safety Net: consultants and contractors grappling with the Construction (Design and Management) regulations can now computerise the process thanks to a new software suite.Construction and materials industriesMalcolm Davidson
Sandwell starts five years of refurb. (Sandwell MBC receives funding for housing refurbishment work)(Building Homes)Construction and materials industries 
Sea and be seen. (Birmingham's National Sea Life Centre)Construction and materials industriesThompson Cargill Jessica
Seeing cents. (new approach to competition to desgin new embassy building) (Building Procurement)Construction and materials industriesBill Borak
Seven per cent in '97. (predictions concerning the rise in house prices in the United Kingdom in 1997)(Building Homes Supplement)Construction and materials industriesJonathan Loynes
Show business. (Admiral Homes finds that buyers are unconvinced by energy efficiency)(Building Homes)Construction and materials industries 
Show business. (Dencora Homes targets Asian investors with new apartment block in Cambridge)(includes related article) (Building Homes)Construction and materials industries 
Show business. (Wimpey Homes' Britannia Village development in Docklands area of London, England)(Building Homes)Construction and materials industries 
Shun city. (ideal homes).Construction and materials industriesAlison Jennings
Small but perfectly formatted.(MicroStation Power Draft 5.5 CAD software) (Software Review)(Evaluation)Construction and materials industriesAndrew Ling
Specifiers review window costings. (need for reassessment of assumptions made when calculating life-cycle cost comparison of plastic windows)Construction and materials industries 
Spotlight on brickwork. (supply and demand for bricks) (Procurement)Construction and materials industriesJohn Gravett
Spot the difference: private housebuilders wondering where to place their crosses in the next general election will get little lead from politicians.Construction and materials industriesMichael Sir Latham
Statistics.(new construction industry statistics)Construction and materials industriesHelen de Boyett
Steeling a march: in Southampton, Taywood is building homes faster than the buyer can move in. (steel frame).Construction and materials industriesJosephine. Smit
Sticky summer ahead: building homes forecast. (Building Homes)Construction and materials industriesIan Shepherdson
Stormy weather ahead. (continuing problems with Housing and Construction Bill)(Column)Construction and materials industriesNick Raynsford
Surgeon general: it is almost a year since Wimpey chairman and chief executive Joe Dwyer decided to amputate the firm's contracting and minerals arms to concentrates on housing.Construction and materials industriesDenis Chevin
Taxation and employment status.(UK construction industry tax scheme)Construction and materials industriesRowena Kiseley
Team transfers. (Legal)Construction and materials industriesChristopher D. Meara
Tender price forecast. (analysis of construction industry tender prices for first quarter 1996) (Procurement)Construction and materials industries 
The brain gain. (U.K. independent M&E contractor Drake & Scull)Construction and materials industriesJames Macneil, James Cant
The cost of waste disposal.Construction and materials industriesAmanda Stubbs
The deregulation initiative. (United Kingdom government's progress)Construction and materials industries 
The employer's interest.(Construction Bill, United Kingdom)Construction and materials industriesChristopher Meara
The law on corporate killing. (Law Commission recommends new offence of corporate manslaughter)(Column)Construction and materials industriesSusan Fink, Louisa Cilenti
The NEC in practice: employers and contractors have reacted very differently to the New Engineering Contract.Construction and materials industriesSimon Lewis
The rough with the smooth.(British Housing bill and Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Bill)Construction and materials industriesNick Raynsford
The subcontractors's share: main contractors that claim successfully against an employer may find ways to stop subcontractors receiving their rightful share of the proceeds.Construction and materials industriesRobert Arkenhead
Thoroughly modern times.(Modern architecture)Construction and materials industriesPaul Hodgkinson
Turn-up for the books. (specialist contracting)Construction and materials industries 
Use of performance bonds in government construction contracts.(UK)Construction and materials industriesW. J. Marsh
Watchdog pushes standardised homes: associations will get value for money by building standard units. (Building Homes).Construction and materials industries 
Ways of making you talk.(guide to subpoenas)Construction and materials industriesNiav O'Higgins
Will the bill work?(Construction Bill)Construction and materials industriesCatriona Dodsworth
Wimpey backs 2000 Homes bid. (Wimpey supports scheme to construct 2,000 homes around the UK to test design and technology innovations)(Building Homes)Construction and materials industries 
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