Gourmet 1996 - Abstracts

Gourmet 1996
A baker's dozen: the ultimate New York bread basket.(bakeries in New York, NY)(Directory)Food/cooking/nutritionEd Levine
A lesson in baking bread. (excerpt from book, 'Breads from the La Brea Bakery')(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionLaurie Ochoa, Nancy Silverton
American Express presents: taste the town.(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
America's top tables. (restaurant poll results)Food/cooking/nutrition 
An elegant dinner party. (includes menu and recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutrition 
An Italian Christmas Eve.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
A passion for maps.Food/cooking/nutritionAngeline Goreau
A pilgrim's progress: walking through Spain. (travel)Food/cooking/nutritionHerb McGrew
Apres-ski dinner.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
A round of favorite cocktails.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
A sephardic celebration. (recipes) (excerpt from 'The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York')Food/cooking/nutritionClaudia Roden
A small country wedding. (includes menu and recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Aspects of aspic.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionShirley Sarvis
A taste of India. (menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
A Thai rice table. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionJeffrey Alford, Naomi Duguid
A weekend on the light side. (four low-fat menus for entertaining guests on the weekend) (includes recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Ballooning picnic. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Behind Broadway's bright lights: a legacy endures. (theaters in New York, New York)(includes directory and reviews of restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionAnthony W. Robins
Boston: the old guard of the new world. (restaurants)(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionNina Simonds
Breakfast in Seattle.(Washington)Food/cooking/nutritionStephen Lewis
Brunch.(recipes; Company in the Kitchen)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Canada's Whistler Resort: splendor in the snow.(Whistler, British Columbia)Food/cooking/nutritionDavid Butwin
Celebrating Passover: braised lamb shanks. (preparation instructions and recipe)Food/cooking/nutritionDrew Nieporent
Chefs cook from the garden. (vegetarian offerings have become more plentiful in restaurants) (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionJoyce Goldstein
Chicago: Second City, second acts.(Chicago, Illinois)(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionWilliam Rice
Christmas dinner: capturing the spirit of the season.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Cocktail companions.(appetizer recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Cool as a cucumber. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dallas: the Texas that never was.(Dallas, Texas)(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionDotty Griffith
Dancin' in Branson: a midwestern workout. (line dancing in Branson, Missouri)Food/cooking/nutritionMichael Kenyon
Dining on the light side: a cool Asian lunch. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side after the feast. (using leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: chilled soups. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: Chinese food.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: pizza. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: potpie dinner.(Less Is More)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dining on the light side: sandwiches. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dinner on the Fourth.(menu and recipes for Fourth of July dinner)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Dinner.(recipes; Company in the Kitchen)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Easter luncheon. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Eat drink man woman: Alain Rondelli and Anne Rosenzweig bring you the pleasures of their tables.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Edinburgh: a festival city. (Scottish performing arts festival)Food/cooking/nutritionBenedict Nightingale
Exotic Thailand. (travel information)(Special Advertising Special)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Feast: greater For Lauderdale.(Florida; special advertising section; includes recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Feasting on game: going wild at Thanksgiving. (menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Going for the grain. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's little black book: Honolulu. (travel information)(Directory)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's little black book: Pittsburgh. (Pennsylvania)(travel)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's pantry.(basic recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's pantry: the following are basic recipes called for elsewhere in this issue.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Gourmet's quick kitchen: restaurant chefs cook at home.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Great desserts from America's Top Tables.(award-winning desserts; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Green tomatoes. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionJoyce Goldstein
Holiday giving: brownies by the boxful.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Icebox cookies. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
In short order: recipes that beat the clock.Food/cooking/nutrition 
In short order: recipes that beat the clock.(article continues on page 114)Food/cooking/nutrition 
In short order: recipes that beat the clock. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Inside the CIA. (Culinary Institute of America; includes recipes and related articles)Food/cooking/nutritionMargo True
Less is more: dining on the light side. A menu of first courses.(low-fat cookery; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more; dining on the light side: fish. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Less is more: dining on the light side: wintertime desserts.(recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Little black book: Louisville. (Kentucky)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Local color '96: focus on Europe. (photographs of Europe)(Illustration)Food/cooking/nutritionFelicity Keane
Louisiana seafood boil. (includes menu, recipes and related article on how to crack and eat a crab)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Lucca: a Tuscan treasure. (Italy)(includes recipes and related article on restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionLorraine Alexander
Lunch on the deck.(menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Mementos of Italian meals.(souvenir plates; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichele Scicolone
Morocco.(includes recipes and related article on Marrakech restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionRichard Alleman, Frederick Freeland
Mushrooms: plain and fancy. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Nashville: the music city. (travel information; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionAngeline Goreau
New Orleans: a synthesis of seasoning.(New Orleans, Louisiana)(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionGene Bourg
New Year's tapas party.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
New York City's best small hotels: comfort and quiet away from the crowd.Food/cooking/nutritionEllen Stern
New York: the possible dream. (restaurants)(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionDavid Rosengarten
Notting Hill up and coming. (London, England)Food/cooking/nutritionRory Ross
Paris journal: sky dining. (restaurants with a view in Paris, France)Food/cooking/nutritionCatherine Reynolds
Paris restaurants revisited.Food/cooking/nutritionGael Greene
Parmigiano-reggiano. (cheese; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionMichele Scicolone
Picnic afloat. (recipes for hors d'oeuvres)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Quesadillas. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Ravenna, city of Mosaics. (Italy; includes addresses for a hotel and two restaurants, also a related article on the cafes and gift shops)Food/cooking/nutritionGeorge Lang
Recipes that beat the clock.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recipes that beat the clock.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recipes that beat the clock.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recipes that beat the clock ... and the scale. (meals that can be prepared in less than 45 minutes) (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recipes that beat the clock. (quick cookery)(In Short Order)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Recipes that beat the clock. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Red, white, and greens: the Italian way with vegetables. (excerpt)(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionFaith Heller Willinger
Roasting-pan dinners.(includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Saint John: paradise retained. (Virgin Islands)(includes lists of lodgings and restaurants)Food/cooking/nutritionPaul Wade, Katherine Wade
Savoring San Francisco: famous area chefs share inspiring ingredients.(advertisement; includes recipe)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Shalimar and the House of Guerlain. (perfume maker)Food/cooking/nutritionEllen Stern
Shanks and short ribs: tender to the bone. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sights and flavors of the Philippines.(special advertising section; includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Sizzling sates: hors d'oeuvres from the grill. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Spinach, not just for Popeye. (includes a recipe)Food/cooking/nutritionJeanine Larmoth
Stuffed vegetable hors d'oeuvres. (recipes)(The Last Touch)(Column)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Summer pasta. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionErica De Mane
Summer refreshers.(beverage recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Supping solo.(Paris Journal; restaurants; France)(Directory)Food/cooking/nutritionCatherine Reynolds
Tangier: Morocco's mystery city.Food/cooking/nutritionNaomi Barry
Taste memories.(includes recipe)(Editorial)Food/cooking/nutritionGail Zweigenthal
Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate the harvest. (menu and recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Thanksgivings past and present.(Editorial)Food/cooking/nutritionGail Zweigenthal
The 12th: rebirth of a neighborhood.(12 arrondissment in Paris, France)(Paris Journal)(Column)Food/cooking/nutritionCahterine Reynolds
The best of West Virginia. (travel information; includes recipes)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The Caribbean cooks! (caribbean cuisine)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The English Bobby. (the Metropolitan Police force and a historial tour of the city: includes a short list of restaurants found on the tour route)(London Journal)Food/cooking/nutritionQuentin Letts
The eternal cuisine of Rome. (includes recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionFaith Heller Willinger
The last touch: peanut butter. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
The Mexican grill.(includes recipes)(excerpt from 'La Parilla: The Mexican Grill')Food/cooking/nutritionReed Hearon
The word on Louisiana. (Louisiana travel; includes recipes)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Time for Spanish wines. (includes recipes)(Special Advertising Section: Wines From Spain)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Travel journal: Internet address book. (tourism office sites on the World Wide Web; includes Web addresses)Food/cooking/nutritionPatricia Bell
Upside-down cakes. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutritionDeborah Madison
Upstairs, downstairs at the stone house.(New York state home of writer Edmund Wilson)Food/cooking/nutritionRosalind Baker Wilson
Vegetables: the main event.(includes recipes)(Cover Story)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Wales: castles, mountains, and song. (includes recipes, directory of lodgings and restaurants, and related article on music and literature festivals)Food/cooking/nutritionMary D. Kierstead
Washington, D.C.: a non-partisan palate.(The Soul of Eight Cities)Food/cooking/nutritionPhyllis C. Richman
We asked for it. (recipes from popular restaurants)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Wedding gifts.Food/cooking/nutrition 
Wine with BBQ. (barbecue)(recipes)(includes related information on wine selection)(Special Advertising Section)Food/cooking/nutrition 
Without reservation: grazing in style. (restaurants in London, England)Food/cooking/nutritionNigella Lawson
You asked for it. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
You asked for it. (recipes)Food/cooking/nutrition 
You asked for it.(recipes from restaurants)Food/cooking/nutrition 
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