Shape 1996 - Abstracts

Shape 1996
15 must-have videos: the classics no fitness tape shelf should be without.Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Shelton
7-day countdown to summer skin.(skin care)(includes skin care check list)Women's issues/gender studiesPamela Gwyn Kripke
A circle of friends. (socializing as a healthy activity)Women's issues/gender studiesWanda Urbanska
A day at camp. (in-line skating classes at Camp Rollerblade)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesChristina Frank
A (fat-free) chip on my shoulder. (potato chips made with olestra)(Column)Women's issues/gender studiesMichelle Fountaine Williams
After dad.(woman discusses weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studies 
A hopeful forecast: finally, clinical studies take a look at women.Women's issues/gender studiesJo Cavallo
A little blessing.(woman addicted to exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesAerial Cross
A yen for noodles.(Japanese noodle dishes)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Burum
Back to exercise: I kept thinking I would never have my body back, but determination helped me prevail. (includes related information on workouts and maintenance of weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesShonna Scholink
Basic training: a radical Army experiment tests how strong a woman can really get. (includes related information on workouts, body composition and conditioning program)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesSara Hammel
Behind the mask. (facial cosmetics)Women's issues/gender studiesLaurie Tarkan
Best friend.(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesDebbie Taylor
Bring it on home. (exercise routine that does not require equipment)(includes related articles on workouts and training guidelines)Women's issues/gender studies 
Burning it up in Baltimore.(physical fitness activities in Baltimore, MD)Women's issues/gender studiesJill Yesko
Call of the wild. (adventure sports for women)(includes directory of trip organizers and related articles on outdoor psychotherapy and combination trips)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth Howard, Alyssa Lustigman
Corn. (nutritional value of corn; includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesStacy Sabraw
Divide & conquer: a simple, effective workout that'll target your bodyparts and give you real results.Women's issues/gender studies 
Down-and-dirty biking.(off-road cycling)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Sophia Dembling
Easy-to-swallow veggies. (includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
Eat, drink, diet, eat.... (people who have influenced the public's eating habits)Women's issues/gender studies 
Feeding your pace: specific ways to eat for cross training, lifting weights, aerobics, and for the day of competition.(excerpt from 'High Performance Nutrition: The Total Eating Plan for the Maximum Workout')Women's issues/gender studiesMaggie Greenwood-Robinson, Susan M. Kleiner
Fitness focus: one of my biggest goals was reaching the weight I had lied about on my driver's license. (includes related information on workouts and weight maintenance)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesKimberly Howard
Fitness giving. (gifts for fitness buffs)(Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesAlyssa Lustigman
Fitting into our genes. (breast cancer genes)Women's issues/gender studiesLeslie Schwartz
Fuel up for top performance. (sports nutrition)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesSusan M. Kleiner, KarenRae Frieman-Kester
Full circle.(woman overcomes her eating disorder)Women's issues/gender studiesDeborah Boe
Hard targets. (exercises for the thighs, hips and abdomen)(includes related articles on workouts and repetitions)Women's issues/gender studies 
Healthy moves. (woman overcomes physical disadvantage of artificial hips)Women's issues/gender studies 
Heart to heart. (minimizing potential danger of heart disease)Women's issues/gender studies 
Holiday on ice. (holiday entertaining)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
Home alone. (home gyms)Women's issues/gender studiesNeil Wolkodoff
Hot legs: an innovative program to get your lower body strong and sleek.Women's issues/gender studies 
If you can't stand the heat. (dietary plan for the summer) (includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesKim Galeaz
Inshape. (fitness itineraries in San Diego, California)Women's issues/gender studiesMaribeth Mellin
In the game. (summer sports)Women's issues/gender studiesDenise Mitten
Into the action: I could no longer pass off my obesity as just a part of life. (includes related information on workouts and weight maintenance)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesJulie Westbrook
Mass medicine.(using health maintenance organizations)(includes related articles on choosing an HMO and alternative medicine)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Austin
Movers and shakers. (how to increase daily activity)Women's issues/gender studies 
New habits. (managing a healthy diabetic lifestyle)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesShirley Anne Parsons
Nutrition by the book.Women's issues/gender studiesKirsty Clarke Brown
One for all: love to eat but hate to cook? (one-pan meals)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesMatt Segal
On the flip side. (exercises designed to develop the gluteal muscles)Women's issues/gender studies 
On your feet. (new recreational footwear for women)(Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesTom Brunick, Andrea Gabbard
Outta sight: your inner fitness log. (fitness journal)(includes related articles on food choices and exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine McEvily Harris, Mitch Gaylord
Pain killer: a 90-second method for relieving your aching muscles without drugs, surgery or even doctors.(includes related article on posture exercises)Women's issues/gender studiesDale L. Anderson
Playing by the bay. (San Francisco Bay Area)Women's issues/gender studiesBob Cooper
Playing it cool. (new winter sports)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs, Claire Walter
Positive gains: it wasn't until I arrived home in the United States that I realized how sick and frail I had become. (includes related information on workouts and weight maintenance)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine DiSanto
Postcards from the edge.(vacation planning)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesJudi Dash, Carol Jacobs
Ready for action: hit the beach and get in shape with the newest star of 'Baywatch.' (Donna D'Errico)(includes related articles on workouts and exercises)Women's issues/gender studies 
Running away. (vacation that incorporates running)Women's issues/gender studiesBeth M. Howard
Shoes required. (outdoor shoes)Women's issues/gender studiesAndrea Gabbard, Douglas M. Richie
Sick and very tired. (fatigue)Women's issues/gender studiesJanis Graham
Skin deep. (weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesDana L. Sanner
Snow bound. (winter sports training)Women's issues/gender studies 
Some like it hot. (Texas chili)(includes recipes and related articles on contest winners, recipes for leftovers and cook-offs)Women's issues/gender studiesSophia Dembling
Study break.(woman discusses weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studies 
Success stories. (weight loss)Women's issues/gender studiesNicole Swift, Michelle Kyniston, Chichette Gourdet
Supplement strategies. (vitamin supplements)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Austin
Sweet rewards. (weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesKatherine Emily Wilson
Sweets for your sweet.(low-fat desserts)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Quinn
Tennis anyone? (weight-loss program)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesCarmen C. Pena
The double life of Niki Taylor.(model discusses her life)(Cover Story)(Interview)Women's issues/gender studiesEd Dwyer
The farmer's market.(buying fresh produce)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
The lake of fire. (bladder illness)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Quinn
The naked truth. (women's body image) (includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesSuanne Kelman
The new sex therapy.(includes related information on sex therapists' qualifications)Women's issues/gender studiesKathryn Marshall
The P.H.A.T workout: it stands for Pretty Hips And Thighs, and the results are only 10 active weeks away.(includes related workout and exercise information)(Cover Story)Women's issues/gender studies 
The road to health: I was depressed about the great amount of weight that I had lost after surgery. (includes related information on workouts and weight maintenance)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesRosella Casella
The walking key. (woman learns the key to losing weight and feeling healthy)Women's issues/gender studies 
The years of training dangerously. (overtraining among women gymnasts)Women's issues/gender studiesJoan Ryan
Think fit.(personal story of weight loss)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studies 
Total medicine. (guide to alternative therapies)Women's issues/gender studiesAndrew Weil
"Toughness" training. (coping with stress and pressure)Women's issues/gender studiesBen Kallen
Tray chic. (includes holiday recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesDebby Maugans
Truth or consequences: what it's like to get an AIDS test. (includes related article on AIDS research and drugs for treating AIDS)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers, Lisa Dionne
Tumbling ice: a snowboard romp and roll.(Escapes)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Gottesman
Veg out. (vegetables)Women's issues/gender studiesBen Kallen
Vision of fitness: my husband fell in love with a "new" woman, and it was me! (includes related information on workouts and weight maintenance)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Holmes
Waking up. (weight loss)(Success stories)Women's issues/gender studiesRhonda L. Kyle
Wheeze easy: asthma deaths have been on the rise, but most attacks can be prevented with proper treatment.(includes related information on exercise-related asthma)Women's issues/gender studiesLeslie Schwartz
Working the world. (model Claudia Schiffer)Women's issues/gender studiesDeborah Pike
Work it in. (physical workout)Women's issues/gender studies 
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