Shape 1997 - Abstracts

Shape 1997
A clean routine. (skin cleansing tips and techniques)Women's issues/gender studiesConstance Costas
A hike in the clouds. (insights into the sport/hobby of high-altitude hiking and an evaluation of sky island sites)Women's issues/gender studiesSteve Howe
Altitude adjustment.(addressing altitude sickness; includes related articles on nutrition tips and snack ideas)Women's issues/gender studiesLeslie Pepper
Amazing abs. (exercises to improve the abdominal muscles) (includes related article)Women's issues/gender studies 
A (new) definition.(includes a three-month weight-loss program)Women's issues/gender studies 
An ocean view. (joys of snorkeling)(includes related articles on snorkeling resorts, gear, snorkeling tips and Jean-Michel Cousteau's Bahamas Out Island Snorkeling Adventure)Women's issues/gender studiesCarole Jacobs
April fools'. (high-fat favorites remade by chef-owner Nancy Fox of Nancy's Healthy Kitchen for weight watchers)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesCharlyn Fargo
A Rocky Mountain fitness high. (places in Denver, Colorado best for outdoor sports)Women's issues/gender studiesJulie K. Boatman
A sour side to sports drinks.(sports drink's effect on teeth)Women's issues/gender studiesJacqueline Stenson
A valuable lesson. (weight loss experience)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Allen
Avoid the holiday seven.(preventing weight gain during holiday)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Somer
Back to basics. (physical fitness success story)Women's issues/gender studiesPatricia Huffman
Believe it or not. (beauty secrets of the past)(includes related articles on new beauty products and beauty trend forecasts)Women's issues/gender studies 
Beyond the Alamo. (fitness facilities in San Antonio, Texas)Women's issues/gender studiesKathleen O. Ryan
Board to oblivion.(snowboard training)Women's issues/gender studiesAnn Lien
Breast defense.(estrogen's role in breast cancer)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Hilgers
Butt busters. (exercises for a shapely butt as presented in the video 'Buns of Steel Target Toning Workout')Women's issues/gender studies 
Colds + flus 101: how not to get sick this season. (excerpted from 'Jane Brody's Cold and Flu Fighter,' 1995)(includes related articles on cold and flu treatment and effect of exercise on colds)Women's issues/gender studiesJane E. Brody
Cool climbers. (home exercise stair climbing machines)(Evaluation)Women's issues/gender studiesTimothy J. Moore
Dealing with it. (weight loss and physical fitness program)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesJulieRae MacLeod
Derail desk distress. (tips on avoiding injury while in a desk-bound job)(includes related articles on desk exercises and techniques in proper sitting posture)Women's issues/gender studiesSandra Gordon
Doctor's orders. (physical fitness success story)Women's issues/gender studiesPamela Logan
Double-duty drugs. (the controversial off-label prescriptions)Women's issues/gender studiesLaura Quinn
Easy does it.(managing body weight)Women's issues/gender studiesAlison Beth Tallone
Emotional rescue. (emotions affect skin condition)Women's issues/gender studiesConstance Costas
Equal footing. (buying tips for women's sports shoes)(Buyers Guide)Women's issues/gender studiesSarah Bowen Shea, Tom Brunick, Andrea Gabbard, Douglas H. Richie Jr.
Fast moves.(muscle exercise techniques)Women's issues/gender studies 
Finding answers.(weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesMary A. Jenkins
Finding the way.(weight reduction techniques)Women's issues/gender studiesRobyn McBryde
Fit for life.(reducing through diet and exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesSandra Vallejo Davila
Fitness to go. (hotels and their fitness facilities)Women's issues/gender studiesRebecca Marie Johnson
Flow state.(Washington's Salish Lodge and Spa)Women's issues/gender studiesDiana Sullivan
Get decked.(beauty products for holidays)Women's issues/gender studiesSally Kane
Got it together.(weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesKathryn Patterson
Helping hand.(managing body weight)Women's issues/gender studiesTerry Lind
High satiety. (diet)(includes menu and recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesAnne M. Fletcher
Hitting the road. (new biking gear)Women's issues/gender studiesRobin Heinz
Holiday on ice.(ice skating benefits)Women's issues/gender studiesCathy Chan
How healthy is your diet? (nutrition quiz)Women's issues/gender studiesMindy Hermann
Learning the way. (physical fitness and lifestyle change program)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesAlexAndria Kung
Leg work: six quick moves to killer stems.Women's issues/gender studies 
Life after 30. (a woman's success story on losing weight)Women's issues/gender studiesAllison Brown
Life's lessons. (how a North Carolinian got motivated to lose 25 lbs.)Women's issues/gender studiesDebra Tatu
Losing it for good. (success story on losing weight)Women's issues/gender studiesLeeAnn Dobro
Making change. (weight-loss and physical fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesAleta Olsson
Making it happen.(weight reduction motivation)Women's issues/gender studiesIbis Rodriguez
Mastering weight loss. (if you give up)Women's issues/gender studies 
Mastering weight loss. (masters of weight loss share tips) (includes related articles and recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesAnne M. Fletcher
Mind over matter.(psychological aspects of weight reduction)Women's issues/gender studiesAdrienne Antoine
Mother and child reunion. (a daughter remembers her mother)Women's issues/gender studiesElizabeth Hanly
Mushroom magic.(includes recipes and related article on storage)Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Burum
My old man and the sea.Women's issues/gender studiesBeth M. Howard
Naked exposure. (gender differences in locker room behavior; humor)Women's issues/gender studiesJim Gerard
Nature's jungle gym.(bouldering)Women's issues/gender studiesAlison Osius
No counting allowed. ('Tailoring Your Tastes' weight loss method)(includes related articles on one-day eating plan and low-fat cooking tips)(includes recipes)(Redefine Yourself '97)Women's issues/gender studiesLinda Omichinski, Heather Wiebe Hildebrand
Older and wiser.(managing body weight)Women's issues/gender studiesMary Voorhees
Paddle happy. (techniques and types of canoeing)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine Fredman
Personal best. (success story on reducing weight)Women's issues/gender studiesMariko Reems
Pet prescription. (stress-reducing effects of pets)Women's issues/gender studiesMartin Pearson
Phys Ed flashback. (the exercise program of Jump Inc.)Women's issues/gender studiesMichele Kort
Power poses.Women's issues/gender studies 
Power to change. (how a fat woman lost 45 pounds)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesKaren Schreier Paris
Power tool. (elastic bands to tone legs and butt)Women's issues/gender studies 
Reaching the top. (weight loss experience)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesJennifer Hardin
Rest assured. (deeper sleep through moderate exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesGinny Graves
Revenge of the fat boys.(type of skis)Women's issues/gender studiesAbby Ellin
Roughing it in style. (wilderness lodges for physical fitness enthusiasts)(includes related article on the best wilderness lodges)Women's issues/gender studiesCatherine Fredman
Scheduled therapy. (insights into the emerging field of chronotherapy)Women's issues/gender studiesMichael Tennesen
Secrets and lives.(disclosing secrets)Women's issues/gender studiesRoberta Pollack
Simply elegant. (recipes for quick and easy gourmet dinners)Women's issues/gender studiesRozanne Gold
Skinny dipping. (includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesAnnette Foglino
Spinning your wheels. (bicycling as part of a physical fitness program)(includes related articles on equipping oneself for a bicycling exercise program and a primer on cycling)Women's issues/gender studiesScott Martin
Staying with it.(weight reduction techniques)Women's issues/gender studiesAmy Daunce
Summer-proof your body. (tips on body care during summer)Women's issues/gender studiesMaria Neuman
Taking charge. (weight loss experience)(Success Stories)Women's issues/gender studiesGrisel Szpicek
The 5-minute face. (make-up tips)Women's issues/gender studiesPamela Gwyn Kripke
The [7-day] eating plan.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
The internal flame. (heartburn prevention and treatment)(includes related article on heartburn prevention tips)Women's issues/gender studiesSuzanne Scholsberg
The llama trek. (along the canyon trails of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument)Women's issues/gender studiesYvette Cardozo
The mourning report. (implications of mourning on personal health and fitness)Women's issues/gender studiesRebecca Pollack Seid
The plateau blaster: here's how to lift yourself to new levels of strength. (benefits of pre-exhaustion training)(includes related articles on training tips and workout schedule)Women's issues/gender studies 
The power of pilates.(exercise techniques)Women's issues/gender studiesJenna McCarthy
The power of the sword. (the benefits of fencing as a physical fitness exercise)Women's issues/gender studiesAmy Goldwasser
The team-up diet. (dieting with one's partner)(includes related articles on calorie counting and drawing mate support)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
To the finish. (physical fitness and weight loss success story)Women's issues/gender studiesJanice Fritz-Snyder
Turning point.(weight reduction techniques)Women's issues/gender studiesKathy Driskell
Veggie thanksgiving.(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studies 
Vision quest.(use of laser in treating nearsightedness or myopia)Women's issues/gender studiesLeslie Schwartz
Visions of sugarplums.(holiday desserts)(includes recipes)Women's issues/gender studiesDebby Maugans Nakos
Vision strategies. (personal involvement with workout)(Redefine Yourself '97)Women's issues/gender studies 
Water walking. (an evaluation of six sites for water walks)(includes related articles)Women's issues/gender studiesSarah Bowen Shea, Carole Jacobs, Jean Weiss
When your job fails you. (includes related article on how to assess whether a current job is right for a person and on how to keep up with disappointing workdays)Women's issues/gender studiesBarbara Bailey Reinhold
Where the wild things are.(Montana's Yellowstone National Park)Women's issues/gender studiesJessica Maxwell
Why is this woman smoking? (glimpses into the lives of women smokers and how they got into the habit)(includes related article)Women's issues/gender studiesDana Silbiger
Women drivers. (golfing camp)(includes related article on how to score games and what to bring during games)Women's issues/gender studiesNancy Gottesman
Yoga power.Women's issues/gender studiesDaryn Eller
Your best body. (exercise tips from celebrity trainers Keli Roberts, Kacy Duke and Kathy Kaehler)Women's issues/gender studies 
Your cheatin' genes. (genetic propensity for infidelity)(includes related articles on Sensation Seeking Scale and sensation seeker profile)Women's issues/gender studiesTrisha Yeager
You've got the power: break on through to a new level of fitness with this cutting-edge plan. (power-enhancing drills)(includes related articles on workout schedule, strength exercises and cardio basics)(Redefine Yourself '97)Women's issues/gender studies 
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