Asian Survey 1995 - Abstracts

Asian Survey 1995
Afghanistan and Central Asia: mirrors and models.Regional focus/area studiesMagnus, Ralph H., Naby, Eden
Afghanistan in 1994: civil war and disintegration.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesKhalilzad, Zalmay
A framework for achieving reconciliation on the Korean peninsula: beyond the Geneva Agreement.Regional focus/area studiesSnyder, Scott
Arable land loss in rural China: policy and implementation in Jiangsu province.Regional focus/area studiesBrown, George P.
Asia-Pacific regionalization and the global economy: a third form of capitalism?Regional focus/area studiesStubbs, Richard
Bangladesh in 1994: democracy at risk.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesHossain, Golam
Bhutan in 1994: will the ethnic conflict be resolved?(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesSinha, A.C.
Brunei Darussalam in 1994: the triumph of regionalism?(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesGunn, Geoffrey C.
Cambodia in 1994: the year of transition.Regional focus/area studiesUm, Khatharya
Catalyst for change in Indonesia: the Dili incident.Regional focus/area studiesHaseman, John B.
Changing patterns of Punjab politics in Pakistan: National Assembly election results, 1988 and 1993.Regional focus/area studiesWilder, Andrew R.
China in 1994: marking time, making money.Regional focus/area studiesBachman, David
China's nonproliferation and export control policies: boom or bust for the NPT regime? (Non-Proliferation Treaty)Regional focus/area studiesDavis, Zachary S.
China's omni-directional diplomacy: realignment to cope with monopolar U.S. power.Regional focus/area studiesHsiung, James C.
Chinese investment in Hong Kong: issues and problems.Regional focus/area studiesChan, Hing Lin
Determining India's force structure and military doctrine: I want my MiG.Regional focus/area studiesGupta, Amit
Development and democracy in Pakistan: tenuous or plausible nexus?Regional focus/area studiesMonshipouri, Mahmood, Samuel, Amjad
Economic cooperation in Southeast Asia: changing incentives.Regional focus/area studiesRavenhill, John
Export processing zones in Asia.Regional focus/area studiesAmirahmadi, Hooshang, Wu, Weiping
Government elites and amakudari in Japan, 1963-1992.Regional focus/area studiesUsui, Chikako, Colignon, Richard A.
Greater China and the Chinese "global tribe."Regional focus/area studiesChang, Maria Hsia
Hong Kong in 1994: democracy, human rights, and the post-colonial political order.Regional focus/area studiesPepper, Suzanne
India and Singapore: forging economic linkages in the post-Cold War world.Regional focus/area studiesRajan, Ramkishen S., Asher, Mukul G.
India in 1994: economics to the fore.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesAndersen, Walter K.
India-Pakistan cooperation on energy and environment: to enhance security.Regional focus/area studiesSiddiqi, Toufiq A.
Indonesia in 1994.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesDjiwandono, J. Soedjati
Indonesia's new order: a model for Myanmar?Regional focus/area studiesSundhaussen, Ulf
International peacekeeping and Japan's role: catalyst or cautionary tale?Regional focus/area studiesMulgan, Aurelia George
Islam and Suharto's foreign policy: Indonesia, the Middle East, and Bosnia.Regional focus/area studiesSuryadinata, Leo
Japanese electoral and political reform: role of the young Turks.Regional focus/area studiesWolfe, Eugene L.
Japan in 1994: out with the old, in with the new?Regional focus/area studiesBlaker, Michael
Japan's moment in Indochina: Washington initiative ... Tokyo success.Regional focus/area studiesSt. John, Ronald Bruce
Language and politics in a Pakistan province: the Sindhi language movement.Regional focus/area studiesRahmna, Tariq
Laos in 1994: among generals, among friends.Regional focus/area studiesDommen, Arthur J.
Layers of security: regional arrangements, the United Nations, and the Japanese-American security treaty.Regional focus/area studiesLuck, Edward C.
Learning from NGO proponents of Asia-Pacific regionalism: success and its lessons. (nongovernmental organizations)Regional focus/area studiesWoods, Lawrence T.
Looking across the Yalu: Chinese assessments of North Korea.Regional focus/area studiesGarrett, Banning, Glaser, Bonnie
Malaysia in 1994: staying the course.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesHassan, Mohamed Jawhar bin
Mongolia in 1994: strengthening democracy.Regional focus/area studiesSeveringhaus, Sheldon R.
Myanmar in 1994: new dragon or still dragging?(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesCallahan, Mary P.
Neoconservatism and the end of the Dengist era.Regional focus/area studiesFewsmith, Joseph
Nepal in 1994: the Hung parliament!Regional focus/area studiesPoudyal, Ananta Raj
Newspaper coverage of U.S.-Japan frictions: balance and objectivity.Regional focus/area studiesKrauss, Ellis S., Budner, Stanley
Normalization of India-Israel relations: stillborn for forty years.Regional focus/area studiesRubinoff, Arthur G.
North Korea in 1994: brinkmanship, breakdown, and breakthrough.Regional focus/area studiesKim, Samuel S.
On pragmatism and politics in Thailand: Major General Chamlong Srimuang.Regional focus/area studiesRosi, Ian Sheffield
Pakistan in 1994: the politics of confrontation.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesAmin, Tahir
Papua New Guinea in 1994: reaping the whirlwind.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesSaffu, Yaw
Party identifiers in South Korea: differences in issue orientations.Regional focus/area studiesLee, Aie-Rie, Glasure, Yong U.
Party plenums and leadership style in Vietnam.Regional focus/area studiesStern, Lewis M.
Party politics in Bangladesh's local government: the 1994 city corporation elections.Regional focus/area studiesAhmed, Nizam U.
Plight of plantation workers in Malaysia: defeated by definitions.Regional focus/area studiesRamachandran, Selvakumaran, Shanmugam, Bala
Political reform in Mongolia: between Russia and China.Regional focus/area studiesGinsburg, Tom
Politics and economics of Mongolia's privatization program.Regional focus/area studiesKorsun, Georges, Murrell, Peter
Post-Tiananmen Chinese politics and the prospects for democratization.Regional focus/area studiesYoung, Stephen M.
Poverty, development, and participation in India: a progress report.Regional focus/area studiesGaiha, Raghav
Prospect for U.S.-Japan security cooperation.Regional focus/area studiesSong, Young-sun
Prospects for economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region: the A-CASH hypothesis. (alternative capitalist systems hypothesis)Regional focus/area studiesFruin, W. Mark
Recent economic reforms in China and India.Regional focus/area studiesBhalla, A.S.
Regional tensions in the Russo-Chinese rapprochement.Regional focus/area studiesMoltz, James Clay
Religious terrorism in Japan: the fatal appeal of Aum Shinrikyo.Regional focus/area studiesMetraux, Daniel A.
Rethinking North Korea.Regional focus/area studiesKang, David C.
Rise of the MQM in Pakistan: politics of ethnic mobilization. (Muhajir Quami Movement)Regional focus/area studiesHaq, Farhat
Rules of engagement: psychological and diplomatic dynamics of American-Japanese relations.Regional focus/area studiesNester, William
Russia and North Korea: an emerging, uneasy partnership.Regional focus/area studiesZhebin, Alexander
Russia in Asia in 1994: an emerging East Asian power.Regional focus/area studiesAkaha, Tsuneo
Russian policy and the changing Korean question.Regional focus/area studiesBlank, Stephen
Singapore in 1994: plus ca change....(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesMauzy, Diane K.
Sino-Indian relations: present and future.Regional focus/area studiesHongyu, Wang
Software rights and Japan's shift to an information society: the 1993-1994 copyright revision process.Regional focus/area studiesWest, Joel
South Asia after the Cold War: winners and losers.Regional focus/area studiesGordon, Sandy
South Korea in 1994: a year of trial.Regional focus/area studiesLee, Chong-sik, Sohn, Hyuk-Sang
South Korea's big business clientelism in democratic reform.Regional focus/area studiesNam, Chang-Hee
Sri Lanka in 1994: a mandate for peace.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesSamarajiva, Rohan, Keerawella, Gamini
Taiwan in 1994: managing a critical relationship.Regional focus/area studiesWu, Yu-Shan
Thailand in 1994: the trials of transition.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesSnitwongse, Kusuma
The 1994 Nepal elections: emerging trends in party politics.Regional focus/area studiesBaral, Lok Raj
The decline of the Pashtuns in Afghanistan.Regional focus/area studiesAhady, Anwar-ul-Haq
The evolution of Indonesia's foreign policy: an Indonesian view.Regional focus/area studiesSukma, Rizal
The nomination process for Japan's next general election: waiting for the Heiritsu-sei.Regional focus/area studiesReed, Steven R.
Theories, paradigms, or models in Burma studies.Regional focus/area studiesKaung, Kyi May
The Philippines in 1994: renewed growth and contested reforms.(A Survey of Asia in 1994, part 2)Regional focus/area studiesRiedinger, Jeffrey
The Sri Lankan elections of 1994: the Chandrika factor. (Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga)Regional focus/area studiesSchaffer, Howard B.
The stratosphere's the limit: India addresses the Montreal Protocol.Regional focus/area studiesSims, Holly
The United States and Asia in 1994.Regional focus/area studiesCronin, Richard P.
Vietnam in 1994: with peace at hand.Regional focus/area studiesGoodman, Allan E.
Women workers in South Korea: the impact of export-led industrialization.Regional focus/area studiesPark, Kyung Ae
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