Investors Chronicle 1999 - Abstracts

Investors Chronicle 1999
365 hopes that internet betting will be a winner.(365 Corp may join online betting market, and investing in internet stocks)BusinessJoe Thomas
A 132-year history is not enough.(performance of Bentalls)Business 
Aberdeen Technology.(performance of Aberdeen Technology; includes related notes)Business 
A broad brush approach.(technical analysis and investment software packages)BusinessBob Debnam
A Budget for growth and not stability.(United Kingdom Mar 1999 Budget)(Cover Story)Business 
Abysmal showing by guaranteed funds.Business 
Accounting for moving targets.(investing in growth companies)Business 
A classified opportunity.(performance of Netcall)Business 
A conversion dilemma.(Williams convertible bonds)Business 
Acquisitions are golden investment.(performance of Abbeycrest)Business 
ACT of kindness?(ways for charities to tackle problems created by United Kingdom changes top advance corporation tax)BusinessPaul Reynolds
Adding that extra crunch.(performance of Bensons Crisps)Business 
A director's guide to MBIs.(United Kingdom management buy-ins; includes related article)BusinessRob Carroll
AEA Technology.(performance of AEA Technology)Business 
Agglomerate, or die.(impact of planned merger between ASDA and Kingfisher)Business 
Aggreko.(performance of Aggreko)Business 
A hero makes zero.(changes affecting GUS)Business 
Air France float tests market's head for heights.Business 
AIT.(Tips of the week)Business 
Allders.(Tips of the week)Business 
All hands on deck.(stockbroking in North West England)BusinessBob Bentley
Allied Domecq.(performance of Allied Domecq)Business 
Allied Leisure.(performance of Allied Leisure)Business 
All you ever wanted to know about UK plc.(survey of companies in the FTSE 350 index; includes related tables)Business 
A low-stress investment.(performance of Primary Health Properties)Business 
Amberley.(performance of Amberley)Business 
A new generation of self-select tax shelters.(United Kingdom tax shelters, includes related notes)Business 
A new golden age for Britain.(UK economy and stock market)Business 
A new start.(changes affecting the British unit trust industry, and the new global growth sector)BusinessDave Smith
A New York bull holds off encroaching bearishness.(performance of Wall Street)Business 
Anger over annuity rules for older pensioners.(United Kingdom annuity rules)Business 
An odd-on favourite.(development of spread betting market)BusinessMichael Murray
Antofagasta.(performance of Antofagasta)Business 
An unappreciated technological miracle.(stock prices and technologcal change)Business 
An undervalued property play.(performance of Rugby Estates)Business 
A perilous summer chase for UK investment themes.(United Kingdom economy and stock market)Business 
Applied Holographics.(performance of Applied Holographics)Business 
A publishing recovery story.(performance of Highbury House)Business 
A question of disciplines.(private banking and portfolio management)BusinessMagnus Burbanks
A question of taste.(returns on United Kingdom equities)Business 
A regional accent.(management buyouts in the United Kingdom)BusinessTom Angus
Arena Leisure.(performance of Arena Leisure)Business 
Arjo Wiggins.(performance of Arjo Wiggins)Business 
ARM: Rating reflects promise.Business 
Art for art's sake.(art, culture and business in Manchester, England)BusinessCliff Standish
Asia: how to cash in on a remarkable recovery.(investing in Asian markets)BusinessPreethi Suresh Paktar
A spot of deviation.Business 
Assessing your options: As interest rates look set to continue falling, it is well worth considering the range of investment-linked annuities that are currently on offer.(Personal financial planning)BusinessCeri Jones
Aston Villa.(performance of Aston Villa)Business 
AstraZeneca.(performance of AstraZeneca)Business 
A temporary ceasefire?(Personal pensions)BusinessMichael Hayden
Atlantic Telecom.(performance of Atlantic Telecom)Business 
Avoid hidden angers in the second-hand market: A new fund that will buy second-hand endowment policies is likely to prove popular with investors. But despite the low-risk tag, there could be pitfalls in this market.Business 
A way into the high risk Lloyd's market.(Hiscox Investment Management launches new fund)Business 
A weighting game.(impact of focusing on stock price indices)Business 
A worried bull.(traded options and stock market trends)Business 
Back on course.(performance of Air Partner)Business 
Back on the yellow brick road.(performance of Goodhead.)Business 
Back on track.(performance of Pittards)Business 
Bad news about market stability.(United Kingdom equities and volatility)Business 
BAe/Marconi merger pushes Euro defence onto the runway.Business 
Balancing act.(United Kingdom owner directors' pay and pension planning)BusinessTony Granger
Balancing income and capital growth in retirement.BusinessPaul Wharton
Balancing the books.(investment modelling packages)BusinessEwan Lloyd-Baker
Banks.(UK banks as a sector; includes related notes)(Industry Overview)Business 
Barclays takes flak in ATM row.(Barclays' ATM charges)Business 
Bargain hunting.(United Kingdom zero dividend preference stocks)BusinessPiers Currie
Barking up the wrong tree.(Personal Equity Plans)Business 
Barratt Developments.(performance of Barratt Developments)Business 
Bearishness looks foolish when there's a buying panic.(sentiment toward stock prices)Business 
Beautiful losers.(portfolio management)Business 
Becoming an all-rounder.(investment management and funds of funds)BusinessJohn Husselbee
Behind the Budget apathy.(possible impact of United Kingdom Mar 1999 Budget on equities)Business 
Behind the Footsie's shocking defending.(performance of United Kingdom equities)Business 
Being big isn't everything.Business 
Benefits of restructuring show through.(performance of Richmond Foods)Business 
Berisford.(performance of Berisford.)Business 
Better focus boosts prospects.(performance of Trace Computers)Business 
Better to be a spectator than a player.(advisability of investing in soccer clubs)Business 
Beware the hype in Pep managers' final sales pitches: Pep managers have just a few more weeks to sell their products or they'll miss out on your cash for ever. Nor surprisingly, they're putting a big effort into advertising and marketing.Business 
Beware the magnificent seven.Business 
Beyond the Footsie's summertime blues.(United Kingdom equities)Business 
Big is beautiful.(large Scottish companies)BusinessTony Oxley
Bioglan Pharma.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Biotech passes its screen test.(performance of Celsis International)Business 
Blood's on the track of a bear market.(risks of bear market in equities)Business 
BLP shopping spree cheers up shares.(performance of BLP)Business 
Blue Circle.(performance of Blue Circle)Business 
Bond bother, but equity elation.Business 
Boots.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Bowthorpe.(performance of Bowthorpe)Business 
Breakfast not included: With extensive changes to the tax regime this April, this year's year end tax planning is potentially more important than ever before.(Tax Planning)BusinessSteve Midwinter
Breaking the Isa.(United Kingdom individual savings accounts)BusinessHelen Loveless
Break-up bargain share.(performance of Ferguson International)Business 
Breathing life into business.(performance of Ferraris)Business 
Britax.(performance of Britax)Business 
British Aerospace.(performance of British Aerospace; includes related notes)Business 
British Sky Broadcasting.(performance of British Sky Broadcasting)Business 
Broker of the year.(award to best British stockbroker; includes related articles)Business 
Brokers mellow in balmy heat of low interest rates and rising confidence.(United Kingdom brokers' estimates)Business 
Broker's tips.(tips for investment clubs)Business 
Bubbling despite a flat market.(performance of Merrydown)Business 
Bucking the high street trend.(performance of Heal's)Business 
Budget snapshot.(changes in United Kingdom taxes in Mar 1999 Budget)(Cover Story)Business 
Builder refurbishes its fortunes.(performance of YJL)Business 
Builder sets sights on a Kent recovery.(performance of Ward)Business 
Building a launch pad.(Nasdaq sets up exchange to cover all of Europe)BusinessLynn Strongin Dodds
Building a services business.(performance of Eve)Business 
Build your own conglomerate.(portfolio management, and viewing aportfolio as a mini-conglomerate)Business 
Bumper funds update.(performance of unit trusts in 1999; includes related statistical tables)Business 
Buoyant order book.(performance of Radstone Technology)Business 
Burmah Castrol.(performance of Burmah Castrol)Business 
'Business isn't bad, but guv, you want to watch that euro'.(Fund Manager's Diary)Business 
Buy-back frenzy among investment trusts.(United Kingdom investment trusts)Business 
Buyer beware.(online dealing in stocks in the United Kingdom)Business 
Buy to let: the top 10 tips for housing investors.(advice for would-be investors in residential real estate in the United Kingdom)Business 
Cable & Wireless: Value in telecoms.Business 
Calculated risk.(assessing liability for United Kingdom capital gains tax)BusinessStuart Exley
Cambridge Antibody.(performance of Cambridge Antibody Technology)Business 
Canary Wharf.(performance of Canary Wharf)Business 
Candover.(performance of Candover Investments; includes related article)Business 
Cannons.(performance of Cannons)Business 
Can the supercompanies deliver super growth?: What is driving the world's biggest companies to get bigger still through mergers and acquisitions?BusinessTimon Day
Capital Shopping Centres.(performance of Capital Shopping Centres)Business 
Card tricks: The ready availability of credit cards today makes it well worth reviewing what is on offer.(Personal financial planning)BusinessLisa Hill-Whyte
Cash in on tomorrow's feel-good factor.(market for lifestyle drugs; includes related article)BusinessPaul Dinsdale
CAT and mouse.(standards for United Kingdom individual savings accounts)(Cover Story)BusinessDuncan MacKechnie
Catering for growth.(performance of Lincat)Business 
Caution's in order but watch out for a flight to quality.(US stock prices and United Kingdom fund managers)Business 
Cautiously bullish: The volatile world of trade options is explained with money-making strategies.Business 
Celltech Chiroscience.(performance of Celltech Chiroscience)Business 
Celltech merger with Medeva brings size and a US foothold.Business 
CGU.(performance of CGU)Business 
Changing lanes: Small self administered pension schemes (Ssas) may be the best thing that ever happened to director owned businesses but there are several good reasons for transferring to a Sipp prior to retirement.(Retirement Planning)BusinessRichard R. Green
Charity begins at home: Investors now have the opportunity ot use their Pep to donate money to charity via an online Pep provider.(Personal Equity Plans)BusinessRichard Carswell
Charter European Trust.(performance of Charter European Trust; includes related article)Business 
Cheap, but don't bet the house: Ostensibly, the flotation of William Hill gives investors a cheap way of investing in a pure bookmaker.Business 
Cheap flexible friends for all sorts of borrowers.Business 
Chimerical pricing power.(pring power and corporate performance)Business 
China sales may clock up profits.(performance of Dailywin)Business 
Chloride.(performance of Chloride)Business 
Class divide.(United Kingdom investment trust stock classes)Business 
Club class.(using an investment club in the United Kingdom; includes related notes)BusinessTony Hobman
Clubhaus.(performance of Clubhaus)Business 
Cobham.(performance of Cobham)Business 
Come the fall, summer bull and bear stories may reach a denouement.(US and British stock markets)Business 
Confusion over Isa rules is widespread, warn the pros.(rules relating to British individual savings accounts.)Business 
Constructing a portfolio.(United Kingdom pension schemes and liability gaps)BusinessMartin Pluck
Continental shift.(restructurings and mergers in Europe)BusinessChristopher Spencer
Contracts build recovery framework.(performance of AAF Industries)Business 
Cordiant.(performance of Cordiant)Business 
Corporate clothing revenues.(performance of Wensum)Business 
Corporate deals.(Leeds, England, as a major financial and legal center for business deals)BusinessDavid Armitage
Corporate vs government.(Fixed Interest Products)BusinessPaul Reed
Cost saving benefits.(performance of United Industries)Business 
Costs set to soar for investment trusts.(United Kingdom investment trustsplan marketing makeover)Business 
Countryside properties.(performance of Countryside Properties)Business 
Countrywide Assured.(performance of Countrywide Assured.)Business 
Covariance and coiffure.(covariance and stock prices)Business 
Cranswick.(performance of Cranswick)Business 
Critical weeks for a judgement on toppy Wall Street.(factors affecting financial markets)Business 
Currency market early risers face time of turmoil ahead.(developments in currency markets)Business 
Dana Petroleum.(performance of Dana Petroleum)Business 
Davis Service.(Tips of the week)Business 
DCS.(performance of DCS)Business 
Dearth of a salesman: hard times for top-line growth.(economic growth, financial markets and portfolio management)Business 
Deficit danger for equities.(dangers to stocks from United Kingdom trade gap)Business 
Deficit doubts about the US dollar.(implications of rise in value of US dollar)Business 
De la Rue.(performance of De La Rue)Business 
Demerger offers a value boost.(performance of Card Clear)Business 
Designing recovery.(performance of Cadcentre)Business 
Desperately seeking income.(assessment of Edinburgh Income and Value Trust)Business 
Diageo.(performance of Diageo)Business 
Diageo.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Difficult waters.(company pension schemes and United Kingdom drawdown plans)BusinessRonnie Lymburn
Diminishing interest.(United Kingdom government securities and corporate bonds)BusinessJohn Hatherly
Director points the way for investors.(performance of Bett Brothers)Business 
Discovery should reverse decline.(performance of Firestone Diamonds)Business 
Distillers shares soar as Famous Grouse is stalked.(possible bid for Highland Distillers)Business 
Distributor piles the pills higher.(performance of Intercare)Business 
Dividend harvest.(dividend payments in fall 1999)Business 
Divorced from reality?(help from private banks for people with large divorce settlements)BusinessDon Percival
Dixons.(Tips of the Week)Business 
DIY acquisition growth.(performance of Aquarius)Business 
Don't let goodwill blow up in your face.(treatment of goodwill in accounting; includes related articles)BusinessAndrew Latto
Don't panic, there are ways to stay afloat: When your debts threaten to engulf you or your business it's time to tackle the problem head on.BusinessFaith Glasgow
Don't rush into the transfer market.(switching United Kingdom personal equity plan holdings; includes related notes)Business 
Do you have too much pension?(United Kingdom pension funding rules and dangers of overfunding; includes related notes)Business 
Drawing: A line.(Retirement Planning)BusinessJohn Moret
Driving returns.(Management buy outs)BusinessJohn Singer
Dud funds to dodge?(poor performance of certain United Kingdom unit trusts)Business 
Easing the pain of capital gain.(United Kingdom capital gains tax)Business 
Eastern promise.(recovery in Asian markets interests investors)BusinessRobert Conlon
Edinburgh North American.(performance of Edinburgh North American; includes related notes)Business 
Edinburgh US Tracker.(performance of Edinburgh US Tracker; includes related article)Business 
Electra investors fall foul of Revenue.(tax implications of Electra reconstruction)Business 
Electra's unexpected reprieve.(Electra evades hostile bid from 3i)Business 
Electricity generators.(Sector focus)Business 
Elephant-sized profits in store.(performance of UK Land)Business 
Elusive reasons for holding gilts.(United Kingdom government securities)Business 
Emerging markets.(investing in emerging markets for United Kingdom holders of individual savings accounts)BusinessRichard Muckart
Emerging prospects.(Personal financial planning)BusinessJames Hancocks
EMI.(performance of EMI)Business 
End to compounding problems.(performance of Wellington)Business 
ENIC.(performance of ENIC)Business 
Entrepreneur Green conforms offer, sparking familiar rumours.Business 
Equities dance to the devaluation tune.(impact on Chinese equities of possible devaluation in 2000)Business 
Equity questions behind Europe's recovery.(European economic growth and stock prices)Business 
EU legislation boost for UK company.(performance of CRC)Business 
European equities cheap - but not nasty.(equities from mainland Europe)Business 
European laws help boost demand.(performance of Latchways)Business 
Europe's laggard narrows the gap.(impact of better growth rates in Germany)Business 
Europe's lucky break on interest rates: For now, the course of European interest rates seems clear. This certainty cannot last - and equities could suffer when it stops.Business 
Eurotunnel.(performance of Eurotunnel)Business 
Euro vision: The euro may have been a massive hit but it has brought with it a wave of cultural changes which will impact on both the Continental equity market and UK allocation approaches.(Private Banking)BusinessDavid Clasper
Everything you always wanted to know about Isas: The launch of individual savings accounts, the government's new tax-efficient savings and investment vehicles, is just over two months away.Business 
Examining the nuts and bolts.Business 
Examining the warrant.(warrants as an investment vehicle)BusinessLaverne Hadaway
Exit strategies.(exit strategies for private investors investing in smaller companies)BusinessSteve Tadler
Expect a rate rise from the bank.(United Kingdom interest rates likely to rise)Business 
Expectations continue to fall: Brokers are still slashing away at their forecasts, with retailers, breweries, pubs and restaurants, engineering and chemicals most heavily affected.Business 
Exporters face trouble from a 1970s revival.(United Kingdom trade balance and pound sterling)Business 
Exporters' high price of success.(highva;ue of pound sterling and British exporters)Business 
Expro International.(performance of Expro International)Business 
Facing the future.(flexible annuity schemes with potential for the United Kingdom market )BusinessHoward Flight
Fairly prices, but still a sell.(United Kingdom index-linked government securities)Business 
Fairview.(performance of Fairview)Business 
Falling savings rates call for a quick-fix solution.Business 
Famous names.(Leading Midlands-based companies)BusinessTim Daniel
Far from the madding crowd.(control of portfolio management)BusinessDerek Gawne
Fidelity American.(performance of Fidelity American; includes related notes)Business 
Fidelity American Special Situations.(performance of Fidelity American Special Situations; includes related notes)Business 
Fighting for the triangle.Business 
Fighting the bank.(interest rate trends and investing in options)Business 
Filtronic.(performance of Filtronic)Business 
Finelist.(performance of Finelist)Business 
First Choice: Banishing the ghosts.Business 
First class link-up.(performance of Premier Direct)Business 
First Leisure.(performance of First Leisure)Business 
Fixed interest v equity income.(taking decisions on United Kingdom individual savings accounts)BusinessColin Morton
Flea collars and peat held back profits.(performance of William Sinclair)Business 
Focus on the rough stuff should pay off.(performance of Carbo)Business 
Food producers.Business 
Food retailers.Business 
Football fans lured to internet passion centres.Business 
Foot down for new contracts.(performance of Seafield)Business 
Footsie's misplaced earnings worries.(British stock prices and economy)Business 
Foreign and Colonial Enterprise.(performance of Foreign and Colonial Enterprise)Business 
For euros only.(Fixed Interest Products)Business 
Forget Goldilocks: bearish stories need to be taken seriously.(possible US interest rate rise due to concern about asset price inflation)Business 
For now, the New York jigsaw's still in place.(investing in US stocks; includes related notes)Business 
Four-star growth.(performance of Hanover International)Business 
Framlington American Growth.(performance of Framlington American Growth; includes related notes)Business 
France offers rescue from doghouse.(performance of Ilion)Business 
France welcomes its new banking giant.Business 
Freepages.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Free spirits.(adding to a company pension scheme)BusinessAnne Freeman
Fresh reasons for another Bank split.(United Kingdom interest rate policy)Business 
From high octane to purely passive.(collective investment products based on the US market)Business 
From our man in the House.(presentation of United Kingdom Budget)(Cover Story)Business 
From public to private.(investing in companies likely to leave the stock market)BusinessBrian Phillips
Funds of investment trusts offer unique benefits.(investing in funds of trusts)Business 
Fyffes.(performance of Fyffes)Business 
GA North American Growth.(performance of GA North American; includes related notes)Business 
Garban.(performance of Garban)Business 
Gartmore European.(performance of Gartmore European; includes related article)Business 
Geest.(performance of Geest)Business 
General retailers.(performance of United Kingdom retail sector; includes related article)Business 
Generating expected returns.Business 
Get on the phone for a simple, low-cost personal pension.Business 
Get them before they slow down.(United Kingdom FTSE 250 companies)Business 
Getting back to core skills.(performance of VTR)Business 
Getting German recognition.(performance of Fayrewood)Business 
Getting ready to motor.(performance of Galliford)Business 
Getting the bug.(United Kingdom portfolio management and the US market)BusinessHarry Morgan
Getting the products right.Business 
Getting to grips with jargon.(jargon used by stockbrokers)Business 
Ghost in the machine.(modern portfolio management and software to help with investment decisions)BusinessJohn F. Bedford
Gift of the gab?(United Kingdom government policy toward charities, and changes affecting UK charities)BusinessSimon Buckby
Gilts' false hopes for the Budget.(impact of United Kingdom Mar 1999 Budget on government securities)Business 
Glaxo Wellcome.(performance of Glaxo Wellcome)Business 
Gloom waiting above 6000: The volatile world of traded options is explained with money-making strategies.Business 
Goldshield.(performance of Goldshield)Business 
Good news from the asylum.(US stock prices)Business 
Good things come in small packages.(Smaller successful Midlands businesses)BusinessStephen JOnes
Grantchester.(performance of Grantchester)Business 
Great expectations.(United Kingdom pooled pension investment scheme proposed)BusinessChristopher Walker
Growth in a vacuum.(performance of Univak)Business 
Growth label.(performance of Porter Chadburn)Business 
Growth stocks are out of fashion but watch for the swing back.(trends in stock prices and investment fashions)Business 
GTL hopes to make gold from gas.Business 
Halifax.(performance of Halifax)Business 
Hanson.(performance of Hanson)Business 
Have Asian markets further to go?BusinessMatthew Dobbs
Have permanent endowments been permanently endangered?(tax changes affecting United Kingdom charities)BusinessJohn Hildebrand
Hay and Robertson.(performance of Hay and Robertson)Business 
Head full of steam.(performance of Villiers)Business 
Heat control comes on stream.(performance of Flomerics)Business 
Heavy chargers.(choosing a personal pension in the United Kingdom, and factors to bear in mind when assessing charges)BusinessCeri Jones
Hedge funds head for mainstream market.(hedge funds become more accessible to retail investors)Business 
Henderson Global Technology.(performance of Henderson Global Technology; includes related notes)Business 
Herald.(performance of Herald; includes related article)Business 
Herd instincts.(selecting a tracker fund)BusinessGordon Maw
Here's another silly euro question.(European interest rate policy and monetary union)Business 
High society.(tax planning and asset allocation for wealthier investors; includes related notes)BusinessAnthony Wands
Homespun thoughts on valuing rocketing stocks.Business 
Hope at last.(Japanese stock prices and economy)Business 
Housebuilders.(United Kingdom housebuilding industry; includes related notes)(Industry Overview)Business 
House of Fraser.(performance of House of Fraser)Business 
Housing boom good news for quarries.(performance of Alexander Russell)Business 
How high a Dow can the bears survive?(US stock prices and world trends)Business 
How to beat the hedge-fund cheats.(avoiding fradusters when investing in hedge funds)BusinessHelen Parry
How to buy shares that offer income.(includes related articles)Business 
How to cash in on the movies.(investing in the motion picture industry; includes related notes)Business 
How to decipher the insiders' code.(understanding ratings for investment trusts, indices for stock markets, and benchmarking)Business 
How to excel at traded options.(understanding traded options)BusinessGrant Lupton
How to find your way in the medical-insurance maze.Business 
How to get the best tax-free Isa returns on your cash.(investing in United Kingdom individual savings accounts; includes related notes)Business 
How to hedge against a fall in value.(hedging against drops in house prices)Business 
How to invest in the technology revolution.Business 
How to pay for your dream home: With mortgage rates extremely low - and more cuts expected - an increasing number of people are looking to buy a new home.Business 
How to select a gilt-edged investment.(investing in United Kingdom government securities)Business 
How to tap into Europe's most dynamic marketplace.(investing in European stocks through Euro.NM)Business 
How your tax will change and when.(tax changes affecting United Kingdom households)Business 
HP Bulmer.(performance of HP Bulmer)Business 
Hurry on down MPC, prove me right.Business 
ICI.(performance of ICI)Business 
If Wimbledon palls, turn cautiously to those other net calls.(trends affecting financial markets and portfolio management)Business 
Ignorance at the heart of the Fed.(policies of US Federal Reserve)Business 
Imperial Tobacco.(performance of Imperial Tobacco)Business 
Improved sound.(performance of Golden Rose)Business 
IMS.(performance of IMS)Business 
Income that can go through the roof: Many convertibles offer generous incomes at a time when the interest available on most assets is falling like a stone.Business 
Incoming tide.(split capital investment trusts)BusinessPhilip Thitchener
Indecision is final: The volatile world of traded options is explained with money-making strategies.Business 
In defence of gilts.(United Kingdom government securities)Business 
Independence day.(law firms develop services for private client investors)BusinessJohn Eaton
Independent Energy.(performance of Independent Energy)Business 
Independent Insurance.(performance of Independent Insurance)Business 
In good company?(British employee share schemes)BusinessRoger Fairhead
Inking up on stock market activity.(performance of Fulmar)Business 
Ink-jet innovation reaps rewards.(performance of Linx Printing Technologies)Business 
In praise of anoraks.(economic role of day traders)Business 
In praise of the Fed's idleness.(US interest rate policy)Business 
In search of a productivity miracle.(productivity in British manufacturing industry)Business 
In spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to bullishness.(financial markets and portfolio management)Business 
Insuring survival.(performance of PWS)Business 
Intellectual property rights play.(performance of Sanctuary)Business 
Intercapital.(performance of Intercapital)Business 
Interiors maker refurbishes reputation.(performance of AIM)Business 
Internet opportunity.(performance of City of London PR)Business 
Into the light.(impact of competition in United Kingdom private banking)BusinessAlison Warner
Invest in a Tessa before it's too late: Don't ignore your last chance to open a Tessa - these tax-efficient savings accounts are excellent value.Business 
Investing in the future.(performance of Pegasus)Business 
Investments in a different class: Despite their complexity, split-capital investment trusts continue to be much more popular than their conventional stablemates.Business 
Investors prove themselves lousy bargain hunters.(British stock prices)Business 
Italian banks made offers they can refuse.(planned banking mergers fail to materialize in Italy)Business 
It pays to shop around.(Personal Pensions)BusinessJanet Walford
It's time to move in, but caution is warranted.(Wall Street and European markets)Business 
Japan.(investing in Japanese equities)BusinessMichael Wood
JD Wetherspoon.(Tips of the week)Business 
JJB Sports.(performance of JJB Sports)Business 
Johnston Press.(performance of Johnston Press)Business 
Joys of the triangle.Business 
Jumping on to the Japanese bandwagon.(prospects for Japanese stocks)Business 
Jupiter Income.(performance of Jupiter Income; includes related notes)Business 
Jupiter Primadona Growth.(performance of Jupiter Primadona Growth; includes related article)Business 
Just when will Wall Street's headless chickens come home to roost?(concerns about US stock prices)Business 
Keeping students off the streets.(performance of Unite)Business 
Keep up with Lara.(performance of Eidos)Business 
Kelda.(performance of Kelda)Business 
Latin America rebounds.(performance of Latin American funds)Business 
Laundry firm has growth in the basket.(performance of Brooks Service)Business 
Leading questions.(regulations related to United Kingdom individual savings accounts)(Cover Story)BusinessPeter Shipp
L Gardner.(performance of L Gardner)Business 
Licence to kill: the nightclub business.(impact of plan to allow pubs to open longer in Wales and England on nighclubs)BusinessEmma Dandy
Life after death for US inflation.(possible rise in US inflation)Business 
Life in the premier league.(venture capital trusts; includes related investment trust performance tables)BusinessSimon Lund
Life on the frontier.(efficient portfolios and convertibles)Business 
Life with the dogs.(stock selection and retaining stocks that may not have performed well)Business 
Link-up looks good for metals maker.(performance of Wescol)Business 
Little joy in falling inflation.(impact of lower British inflation)Business 
Lloyds TSB.(Tips of the week)Business 
Long-distance investors fight it out with the locals: Do you have to move to Asia to run an Asian fund successfully? New research suggests that you don't.Business 
Long-term home for cash.(performance of Beechcroft)Business 
Lonmin.(performance of Lonmin)Business 
Lonrho Africa.(performance of Lonrho Africa)Business 
Look back in disbelief.(SmithKline Beecham)BusinessAlistari Blair
Look before you leap.(transferring United Kingdom personal equity plans)(Cover Story)BusinessGail Moss
Looking ahead.(self-invested personal pensions)BusinessNigel Bunting
Looking a lot safer.(performance of Industrial Control Services)Business 
Looking back on a remarkable year.(climate affecting British traded options in 1999)Business 
Looking for a safe haven.(mainland European stocks as a possible safe haven)Business 
Looking for a speed limit.(relationship between unemployment and inflation and implications for stock prices)Business 
Looking for backbone.(assesing investment trusts)BusinessAdam Courtenay
Look to sterling for a rough guide to UK inflation rates.(pound sterling and United Kingdom inflation)Business 
Low inflation hurts, but it's still the saver's friend.(impact of low inflation on savers)Business 
Low prices beef up performance.(performance of Global)Business 
Mad cows and index-linked gilts.(United Kingdom index-linked government securities)Business 
Madness in the housing market.(investing in housing and United Kingdom real estate market)Business 
Major minors.(smaller companies in Scotland)Business 
Making ends meet.(benefits of investment clubs)BusinessTerry Bond
Making full use of its distribution.(performance of John Lusty)Business 
Making the right moves.(performance of Nightfreight)Business 
Management makes the difference.(important of management teams in management buyouts)BusinessHugh Richards
Man's best friend?(Fixed Interest Products)BusinessPeter Ainswroth
Margarine markets strike again.(London Stock Exchange moves more stocks to electronic order book)Business 
Market drivers.(United Kingdom index tracking funds)BusinessAnne McMeehan
Market promotions.(performance of Watermark)Business 
McBride.(performance of McBride)Business 
Measuring risk.(portfolio management for charities)BusinessDiane Knowles
Meconic.(performance of Meconic)Business 
Medium sweet.(Productive medium sized enterprises of the Midlands)BusinessDavid Larkam, Ben thefaut, Jonathan Bartlett
Meeting a mauling.(concern about the impact of a rise in inflation on stock prices)Business 
Meggitt.(performance of Meggitt)Business 
MEPC.(performance of MEPC)Business 
Merger signals upturn in fortunes.(performance of CeNeS Pharmaceuticals)Business 
Message in a bottle.(offshore investment)BusinessAdam Courtenay
Metal Bulletin.(performance of Metal Bulletin)Business 
Meteoric recovery in the Far East.(performance of Far East funds)Business 
MICE.(performance of MICE)Business 
Microsoft: Where does it want to go tomorrow?Business 
Millennial fears may prove justified abroad.(fears of the impact of the year 2000 computer transition problem on United Kingdom financial markets)Business 
Millennium and Copthorne.(performance of Millennium and Copthorne)Business 
Minimum interest.(trends in United Kingdom occupational pension schemes)BusinessPeter Murray
Minimum response.(impact of United Kingdom minimum funding requirement for pension schemes)BusinessGerald Holtham
Mining.(examination of mining industry; includes related article)(Industry Overview)Business 
Miracle and mirage in US productivity.(implications of booming US productivity)Business 
Misplaced hopes for the pound.(United Kingdom economy and pound sterling)Business 
Missing the boat.(performance of Lorien)Business 
Mobile telecoms.Business 
Money for nothing.(lessons to be learnt from the investment strategy of Warren Buffet and the role of insurance)Business 
Months of uncertainty on the deflation question.(assessing whether deflation is likely to become a problem)Business 
Moral dilemma?: The recent strong performance of some ethical funds has meant that investors may no longer have to pay for their principles.(Personal equity plans)Business 
More smoke, but less revenue as cigarette smuggling soars.(increase in adult smoking and decrease in legitimate cigarette sales in United Kingdom)BusinessEmma Dandy
Morgan Crucible.(performance of Morgan Crucible)Business 
Mortgages may never be the same.(changes affecting mortgage lending in the United Kingdom)Business 
Motoring ahead.(performance of HR Owen)Business 
Moving with the times.(salaries and responsibilities of United Kingdom charity trustees)BusinessSimon Wethered
MY Holdings.(performance of MY Holdings)Business 
National Express.(performance of National Express)Business 
National Grid.(performance of National Grid)Business 
Natural selection.(balancing passive and active management)BusinessNick Hollings
Navan Resources.(performance of Navan Resources)Business 
Neighbouring on the stupid.(ways of valuing internet stocks)Business 
New directions boost future growth.(performance of Seet)Business 
New false hopes for equities.Business 
New fears from an old debate.(money supply and stock prices)Business 
New focus as software firm goes global.(performance of CFS)Business 
New millennium portfolios.(investment guide for 2000; includes related articles)Business 
New York, New York, a helluva town - the bears are up and the Dow is down.(investing in Wall Street)Business 
New York volatility means a sweaty summer for London.(volatility of US stock prices)Business 
Niche business focuses on fusion.(performance of UCM)Business 
No better, but no worse.(United Kingdom profit forecasts)Business 
No end in sight for the downwards march of savings rates.Business 
No fleas on Armitage.(performance of Armitage Bros)Business 
No holds barred.(traded option contracts and prices)Business 
No more cat and mouse.(United Kingdom rules on pension sharing after divorce)BusinessNigel Chambers
No-panic guide to the bug attack.(impact of Year 2000 computer transition on different sectors in the United Kingdom; includes related articles)(Cover Story)BusinessSimon Thompson, Tim Green, Dan Oakey, Chris Dillow, Carole Haswell, Oliver Williams, Mark Wallace, George. Jemma, Davod Rothwell
Northern Rock.(performance of Northern Rock)Business 
Norwich Union.(performance of Norwich Union)Business 
Not bomb-proof, but still a good long-term prospect.(performance of internet stocks)Business 
Nothing to worry about unless you're nervous.(developments in financial markets)Business 
Not yet a great store of wealth.(performance of Stordata)Business 
No use worrying - uncertainty's the name of the game.(uncertainty relating to internet and technology stocks)Business 
NXT.(performance of NXT)Business 
Ockham.(performance of Ockham)Business 
Oil give it a go.(assessing investments in the petroleum industry)(Industry Overview)Business 
Old-fashioned smoothing that still has its place.Business 
Old guard still fit to grapple for top slots.(strong and weak sectors in 1999)Business 
Olivetti's David conquers Telecom Italia's Goliath.(Olivetti bid for Telecom Italia)Business 
Online forums get closer to the beat of the market.(stock bulletin boards on the internet; includes related article)BusinessStephen Eckett, Andy Yates
On the home front: Although a Royal Commission report on long term care is still awaited, few of us can afford to wait for the Government's response before planning for our later years.BusinessElizabeth France
Organic growth continues.(performance of Waterman Partnership)Business 
Or overvalued?(significance of investment trusts at a premium)Business 
Out in the cold: With profit returns may be consistent but it is consistent underperformance.(Retirement Planning)BusinessDavid Rutter
Out of Wall Street's shadow.(performance of United Kingdom equities)Business 
Out with the old: Entrepreneurs are a popular market for private banks. But many of the self made could do more with their newly created wealth, if they began planning for it earlier.(Private Banking)BusinessJames Fleming
Over-hyped technology share.(performance of Superscape VR)Business 
Overload - broker bedlam hits the UK.(increased trading volumes affect ability of British brokers to deal rapidly with orders; includes related article)Business 
Own-brand gloss.(performance of Tudor)Business 
Oxford Glycosciences.(performance of Oxford Glycosciences)Business 
Paradigms and delusions.Business 
Parcel delivery set to earn a packet.(performance of Fastrack)Business 
Pariahs and stop losses.Business 
Parity.(performance of Parity)Business 
Passive resistance.(investing in tracker funds)BusinessPaul Clement
Patience required for best returns.(with-profit bonds as an investment)Business 
Paying for the next century's pensions: Can New Labour get the UK out of its pension pickle?Business 
Peace of mind that's cheap at the price.(term assurance prices drop in the United Kingdom)Business 
Peering inside Brown's Budget briefcase.Business 
Pensions and divorce.(pension splitting on divorce)BusinessMichael Morris Killanin Lord
Pension transfers: The appliance of science.Business 
Permanent fixtures.(investing in permanent interest bearing stocks)BusinessHoward Kew
Personal Assets.(performance of Personal Assets; includes related article)Business 
Pet care: Inheritance tax has yet to feel the full force of a new government initiative but this is not likely to continue.BusinessPeter Legg
PFI set to boost long-term prospects.(performance of RCO)Business 
Picking your way along the garden path.(performance of United Kingdom garden center and DIY companies)BusinessCaroline Sefton, Robert Ansted
Pick your own.(United Kingdom self-select personal equity plans)BusinessHelen Loveless
Pick your Pep with care, but don't miss the deadline.Business 
Pitfalls on the road to recovery.(United Kingdom economic recovery)Business 
Planning a portfolio.(portfolio for retirement)BusinessSue Whitbread
Planning for the next generation.(using trusts for children in Britain)BusinessRollo Duckworth
Planning your campaign.(tax issues for British investors investing abroad)BusinessJohn Pearcy-Caldwell
Please Gordon, keep it simple.(complexity of United Kingdom tax system; includes related articles)BusinessAnthony Bailey
Pooled portfolios.(United Kingdom common investment funds for charities)BusinessJohn Dale
Poor communicators.(investors and smaller companies)Business 
Potential film blockbuster.(performance of VFG)Business 
Premier Oil.(performance of Premier Oil)Business 
Pre-millennial tension for the Footsie.(trends affecting British equities)Business 
Private-client manager falls victim to day-trading aspirations.(impact of day trading and other issues relating to fund management)Business 
Private investigations.(assessing the performance of personal pensions)BusinessJohn Sheffield
Profitable times signalled.(performance of PTS)Business 
Profit generator.(T Clarke)Business 
Property moves out of the doldrums.(United Kingdom unit trusts investing in the real estate industry)Business 
Protecting your assets: Life insurance may not be as sexy as managing your portfolio but financial ambitions need to be protected if they are not to be jeopardized.(Personal financial planning)BusinessRoger Edwards
Publicans' first call is a double.(performance of Pubs'n'Bars)Business 
Putting split-capital trusts to work.(advice to investors on spilt-capital investment trusts)Business 
Put you tax affairs in order while you still can.(United Kingdom tax planning)Business 
Quadrant Healthcare: Still attractive.Business 
Quality Software Products.(performance of Quality Software Products)Business 
Quick-turn deals in buoyant market.(performance of Safeland)Business 
Rail supplier goes back on track.(performance of LPA)Business 
Railtrack lines up as favourite for Tube sell-off.BusinessMark Court, Mark Odell
Readicut.(Tips of the week)Business 
Ready for an offshore upturn.(performance of Chieftain)Business 
Ready for expansion.(performance of White Young Green)Business 
Ready for the upturn.(performance of Inveresk)Business 
Ready to focus on the future: Focus Dynamics.Business 
Reaping rationalisation benefits.(performance of Martin International.)Business 
Reap what you sow.(United Kingdom ethical investment funds)BusinessRachel Snider
Rebuilding after acquisition blow.(performance of EBC)Business 
Recession: It's not all bad news.BusinessPaul Geroski, Paul Gregg
Reckitt and Colman.(performance of Reckitt and Colman)Business 
Record results are just the beginning.(performance of Ashquay)Business 
Recovery builds.(Eleco)Business 
Reed International.(performance of Reed International)Business 
Refurbished and out of the scrapyard.(performance of Universal Salvage)Business 
Regent Inns.(performance of Regent Inns)Business 
Renaissance for pawnbrokers.(performance of Albermarle and Bond)Business 
Rentokil Initial.(performance of Rentokil Initial)Business 
Resilient yarn.(performance of Sirdar)Business 
Restoring the gilt-equity link.(links between United Kingdom government securities and stock prices)Business 
Restructuring boosts equities.(Japanese stocks boosted by corporate restructuring)Business 
Retail optimism.(Riva)Business 
Retail recovery.(performance of QS)Business 
Reuters.(Tips of the week)Business 
Reversals of fortune.(Management buy outs)BusinessIan Currie
Reviewing the review.(United Kingdom government policy on tax treatment of charities)BusinessMichael Brophy
Rewarding long term investment.(United Kingdom capital gains tax)Business 
Rewards in considering consumers.(performance of Recognition Systems)Business 
Rexam.(performance of Rexam)Business 
Ripe for a property bid.(performance of Merivale Moore)Business 
Road to recovery.(performance of Hill and Smith)Business 
Robotic expansion.(Coral Products)Business 
Rock of the north.(law firms in Leeds, England)BusinessPhilip Mudd
Rock-solid quarry assets.(performance of Breedon.)Business 
Rolfe looks at its options.(performance of Rolfe and Nolan)Business 
Rolls-Royce: Competitive superiority.Business 
Room to let.(residential real estate as an opportunity for investors)BusinessPeter Braithwaite
RPC.(performance of RPC)Business 
RPS.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Ruinous, iniquitous and a fundamentally bad idea.(United Kingdom annuities)BusinessWarwick Lightfoot
Running out of ideas on Japan... and maybe Europe.Business 
Safety in numbers.(security for on-line trading)BusinessJohn Morgan
Safeway.(performance of Safeway)Business 
Salad days for smaller companies?BusinessGervais Williams
Scales tip in the right direction.(strong performance of selected stocks in 1999)Business 
Schools of thought: first principles.(choosing investment software)BusinessFred Stafford
Scotia.(performance of Scotia)Business 
Scottish and Newcastle.(performance of Scottish and Newcastle)Business 
Scottish and Southern Energy.(performance of Scottish and Southern Energy)Business 
Scottish Equitable Technology.(performance of Scottish Equitable Technology; includes related notes)Business 
Scottish Media.(performance of Scottish Media)Business 
S Daniels.(performance of S Daniels)Business 
Searching for clues.(web sites for on-line investment)BusinessJames Pearcy-Caldwell
Seated comfortably for a revival.(performance of ScS Upholstery)Business 
Secret agents.(business travel agents gain importance)BusinessRichard Lovell
Secure home for investment.(performance of Orbis)Business 
Secure Trust.(performance of Secure Trust Banking)Business 
Securicor.(performance of Securicor)Business 
Securing new contracts.(performance of Jasmin)Business 
Seeking rhyme and reason.(portfolio management)Business 
Seeking shelter.(investing in British venture capital trusts)BusinessZahid Nawaz
Self portraits: For those who value self-expression, the self invested Pep offers a blank canvas.(Personal Equity Plans)BusinessDerek Gawne
Self starters: Self invested pension plans (Sipps) offer a sophisticated and flexible retirement planning vehicle but there are several key factors of which to remain aware.(Retirement Planning)BusinessMichael Otway
Semiconductors' stunning ride beckons buying on weakness.(performance of semiconductor stocks)Business 
Serving up a growing business.(performance of Prime People)Business 
Setting its sights on further buys.(performance of Eliza Tinsley)Business 
Setting the standard.(assessing managers providing private client services)BusinessRichard Worts
SFI.(performance of SFI)Business 
Shades of success for coatings firm.(performance of European Colour)Business 
Share price recovery is warranted.(performance of MSW Technology)Business 
Shares soar on new technology.(performance of AorTech International)Business 
Sharp practices.(law firms develop networks)BusinessSean Lippell
Short cuts to stockpicking.(quick ways of assessing stocks)BusinessPhilip Ryland
Shouting the odds.(financial spread betting)Business 
Signet.(performance of Signet)Business 
Sign of the times?(United Kingdom investment trusts)BusinessIan Massie
Silentnight: Charms show through.Business 
Sitting comfortably.(performance of Bostrom)Business 
Six funds to solve the investors' dilemma.(six United Kingdom unit trusts likely to perform well; includes related articles)Business 
Small is a two-letter word.(investors and small companies)Business 
Software, analytic tools and indicators.(choosing and using indcators and analytic tools for investors)BusinessMartin Stamp
Solving the puzzle.(investing in retirement planning products)BusinessMartin Cadman
Some easing of the gloom.(analysts' forecasts for United Kingdom companies' profits)Business 
Some new ideas.(traded options)Business 
Something to celebrate.(performance of Ambishus Pub)Business 
South African Breweries.(performamce of South African Breweries)Business 
South Staffs Water.(performance of South Staffordshire Water)Business 
Spirit of adventure.(investment trusts and the private equity market)BusinessRhoddy Swire
Spirit of adventure.(Tax planning)BusinessMartin Churchill
Spot the difference.(investing in life company bonds)BusinessRonald. Palmer
Spread a little investment caviar on your portfolio.(investing in hedge funds; includes related article)Business 
Spreading: the word.(development of spread betting; includes related table)BusinessJonathan Sparke
SSL International.(performance of SSL International)Business 
Stagecoach: Breakdown artist.BusinessAlistari Blair
Standard Chartered.(performance of Standard Chartered)Business 
Starting small.(saving for a pension in the United Kingdom)BusinessMatthew Craig
Starting to look at the digital picture.(performance of Silvermines)Business 
Start of the recovery.(performance of Kalamazoo Computer)Business 
StEPchange for software.(performance of Staffware)Business 
Still pounding a random walk.(changes affecting pound sterling)Business 
Still room for improvement.(performance of Gaskell)Business 
Stockpicking is the answer to market confusion.(portflio management at a time of uncertainty in financial markets)Business 
Storehouse.(performance of Storehouse)Business 
Store of value.(performance of Edinburgh Oil and Gas)Business 
Strange but successful combination.(performance of Gowrings)Business 
Sun Life.(performance of Sun Life and Provincial)Business 
Support services.(United Kingdom support services; includes related notes)Business 
Swimming with the big fish.(venture capital in Manchester, England; includes related article)BusinessStephen Baker, Ian Nolan
Take Aim, but watch out for quicksand.(United Kingdom Alternative Investment Market)Business 
Take a last look at Tessa, the tax-free savings account.(United Kingdom savings account type to disappear; includes related notes)Business 
Take control of your portfolio's risk rating.(portfolio management and risk; includes related article)Business 
Take the middle road to profit.(investing in medium sized United Kingdom companies)BusinessSimon Wildig
Take three corporate bond Peps....(Personal Equity Plans)Business 
Taking advice.(advice on portfolio management)BusinessClive Nicholson
Taking control.BusinessMargaret Craig
Taking cover.(importance of adequate life insurance cover)BusinessLin Husdwell
Taking profits after the bull run: The volatile world of traded options is explained with money-making strategies. But options are risky.Business 
Tapping into Europe.(investing in companies in mainland Europe)BusinessGerard Tardy
Tarmac.(performance of Tarmac)Business 
Tarmac.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Tasty bite.(performance of nff)Business 
Tax-efficient funds for adventurous investors: Venture-capital trusts offer attractive tax breaks to investors prepared to tie up their money for five years in unquoted companies.Business 
Taxing times for investors.(dealing with British tax returns; includes related article)Business 
Taylor-made interest rate relief.(United Kingdom interest rates)Business 
TBI.(performance of TBI)Business 
Technical hopes.(performance of James Cropper)Business 
Techno thrills.(Henderson Technology)Business 
Telecoms up for grabs.(changes affecting the telecommunications industry)(Industry Overview)BusinessCaroline Haswell
Telemetrix.(performance of Telemetrix)Business 
Telewest flexes its muscles as consolidation looms.(Telewest stock issue)Business 
Temptations in tricky markets: These are tricky markets but high gearing and low premiums mean that some warrants are worth buying.BusinessBrian Naylor
Tesco.(performance of Tesco)Business 
Thames Water.(performance of Thames Water)Business 
The all new and improved home loan: The mortgage behind flexible and current-account home loans claim their products will revolutionize the market.Business 
The Asian crisis is over, but look before you leap.(conditions in Asian stock markets; includes related article)BusinessPreethi Suresh Patkar
The base rate fallacy: Lower interest rates might do more harm than good. They could add to inflation in 2000-01 without reducing the chances of a recession starting soon.Business 
The big night.(awards to British stockbrokers)Business 
The billion dollars a day problem.(US stock prices and trade balance)Business 
The bulls are out again and buying the dips.(trends on Wall Street, and other factors affecting portfolio management)Business 
The Character Group.(performance of The Character Group.)Business 
The common good.(common investment funds for United Kingdom charities)BusinessHeather Lamont
The corporate skyline.(role of investment consultants in pension fund management in the United Kingdom)BusinessAndy Michael
The dark side of the US miracle.(performance of Wall Street and the impact of technology)Business 
The discreet charms of private banking.(performance of Leopold Joseph)Business 
The domino effect.(Personal financial planning)BusinessRadhika Ajmera
The donkey's tail wins.(performance of United Kingdom unit trusts)Business 
The elusive case for investing overseas.Business 
The elusive case for lower rates.(European interest rates)Business 
The elusive price of risk.(attitudes to equity risk, and the FTSE 100 index)Business 
The elusive search for safety.(United Kingdom government securities)Business 
The emperor's new shell.(performance of Knutsford)Business 
The ever-onwards march of index-tracking funds.Business 
The Footsie's big money question.(United Kingdom money supply and stock prices)Business 
The Footsie's profits puzzle.(United Kingdom corporate earnings and stock prices)Business 
The Footsie's universal appeal.(traded options and the FTSE 100 index)Business 
The futile search for stocks and speculative bubbles)Business 
The global bond threat.(possible continued world rise in bond yields)Business 
The heart of darkness within volatility: Wall Street's volatility is a sign not that investors are irrational but that the outlook for the market is genuinely uncertain.Business 
The high price of scribophobia.(United Kingdom interest rates)Business 
The land that time forgot.(restructuring of investment trusts)BusinessEric McAuslan
The latest models.(options available from United Kingdom indvidual savings accounts)BusinessAndrew Johnston
The margin of safety.(stock selection and safety margins in investing)Business 
The message from the yield curve: An early economic recovery seems unlikely-but investors may not need to worry about this.Business 
The mortgage gamble that is getting ever harder to call.(choosing a mortgage in the United Kingdom; includes related advice notes)Business 
The most wonderful time of the year.(seasonal effects on stock prices)Business 
The myth of income.(deciding on whether to invest for incoem or capital growth)BusinessAllan Anderson
The new school.(United Kingdom individual savings accounts)BusinessMark Skinner
The pain of waiting gives way to the pleasures of success.(view of financial markets from fund manager)Business 
The parallel universe.(parallel trading and intellectual property issues)BusinessRichard Kempner
The pitfalls of futurology.(assessing exchange rate trends)Business 
The price of Mr Brown's prudence.(public and private sector borrowing in the United Kingdom, and the implications for stock prices)Business 
The promised land?(United Kingdom individual savings accounts)BusinessPatrick Connolly
The puzzle of sterling's rise.Business 
The rate debate heats up.(United Kingdom inflation and interest rates)Business 
The real danger in the housing boom.(impact of United Kingdom housing boom)Business 
The real interest rates puzzle.(interest rate rises and economic growth)Business 
The real problems with the Footsie.Business 
The real-time costs of dealing online.(includes related notes on charges levied by online brokers)Business 
The real worry on Wall Street.(factors affecting US stock prices)Business 
There is money to be made, but tread carefully.(investing in open offers and rights issues)Business 
There's still life beyond the bubble.(need to assess US stocks outside telecoms and the internet)Business 
The rewards of innovation.(Versailles as an example of business innovation)Business 
The same old storey?(real estate as an investment in the United Kingdom)BusinessRobert Dismorr
The school of hard knocks.(investing in traded options; includes related article)Business 
The sensitivity test.(stock prices of companies that respon to interest rates, and United Kingdom interest rate trends)BusinessW.J. Littlewood
The times they are a changing.(changes affecting stockbroking in North West England)BusinessMartin Robinson
The tracker's dilemma.(deciding on an index for a tracker fund)Business 
The trouble with recovery: Britain's economy is heading for a recovery. This might not be great news for share prices.Business 
The trustee's dilemma.(United Kingdom charities and their attitudes to socially responsible investments)BusinessRupert Yeoward, Matthew Harrigan
The ups and downs of income drawdown.(United Kingdom income drawdown plans)Business 
The upside of investment losses.(investment losses and United Kingdom capital gains tax)Business 
The US interest rate dilemma.(likelihood of rise in US interest rates)Business 
The US market.(opportunities in the US market for United Kingdom investors)BusinessRichard Killingbeck
The weight of the world.(investing in overseas assets)BusinessRollo Duckworth
The year ahead for savers and investors.Business 
They're paid to look perceptive, but indecision rules.(fund managers' views of the business cycle)Business 
The zero route to tax-free cash.(opportunities offered by zero-preference stocks)Business 
Thirteen savings traps investors should avoid: The savings and investments industry is full of pitfalls that catch out the unwary.Business 
This time round I'm hoping popularity won't breed contempt.(investing in popular sectors)Business 
Thompson Clive.(performance of Thompson Clive; includes related article)Business 
Threadneedle American Select Growth.(performance of Threadneedle American Select Growth; includes related notes)Business 
Three-way merger to put Japanese banks back at the top.(Industrial Bank of Japan, Fuji Bank and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank plan to merge)Business 
Through the keyhole.(United Kingdom market for residential real estate)BusinessFaith Glasgow
Time to back income funds: Income funds have suffered at the hands of their growth fund rivals over the last year. Now it may be payback time.Business 
Time to ditch talk of value.(British stock market valuations)Business 
Time to make a noise about assets.(performance of Headway)Business 
Timing is crucial, so there's no need to invest and sweat.(timing of investments)Business 
Toad climbs out of a hole.(performance of Toad)Business 
To avoid hot water, keep out of the pool: Stockbrokers and their regulators continually reassure us that assets held in nominee accounts are safe and secure. But two recent cases demonstrate that it's true only if those accounts are designated.Business 
To hold or to sell - the question facing Old Mutual members.(Old Mutual to list on London Stock Exchange)Business 
Tony's troubles with the old guard: New Labour has lost key pro-market champions.BusinessCharles Piggott
Tooling up for expansion.(Fairfield Enterprises)Business 
Too much pinned on one clip.(performance of Caldwell Investments)Business 
Torex: Recovering from setback.Business 
Torotrak.(performance of Torotrak)Business 
Tough Pep lessons for retailers.(impact of interest rate changes on savings and consumption in the United Kingdom economy)Business 
Trade secrets.(investing in traded options)Business 
Trading places.(trading subsidiaries and investment selection policies of United Kingdom charity trustees)BusinessMark Woodward
Trafficmaster.(performance of Trafficmaster)Business 
TR European Growth.(performance of TR European Growth; includes related article)Business 
Trouble's still knocking at mutuality's door.(threats to United Kingdom mutuals)Business 
True blues.(stock price performance of large and medium United Kingdom companies)BusinessJon Thornton
Trusts with a taste for the esoteric.(specialist investment trusts; includes related notes)Business 
Tunnel vision.(retaining United Kingdom personal equity plans)BusinessNick Wells
Turning European.(geographical considerations relating to investments in Europe)BusinessMark Denham
Turning somersaults.(investing in split capital trusts)BusinessFiona Hamilton
Two digits to digitalisation.(impact of internet technology)Business 
Uncertain prospects for quality in value stocks.(value investing and portfolio management)Business 
Uncertainty on US inflation presages a tough time picking winners.(US inflation and stock selection)Business 
Underpriced....(investment trusts offering bargains)Business 
Under the microscope.(Personal Equity Plans)BusinessDavid Smith
Undervalued diversity.(performance of Cosalt)Business 
Unfair discount.(performance of Estates and General)Business 
Unfortunate investors.(Fortune Oil)Business 
Unrecognized consistency.(Stadium)Business 
Upbeat message from Japan.(success of some small Japanese companies)BusinessMasato Kawada
Up pops Brazil, signalling a bumpy ride worldwide.Business 
Up pops that dirty d-word once again.Business 
Used-car write-offs.(performance of DC Cook)Business 
US trends may lead to inflation surprise.(US inflation could rise, leading to stock price correction)Business 
Value for money.(United Kingdom charities and their liabilities for value-added tax)BusinessPeter Jenkins
Value on the phone.(AG Barr as a possible investment opportunity)Business 
Versailles.(performance of Versailles)Business 
Victrex.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Volex.(performance of Volex)Business 
Wagon.(performance of Wagon)Business 
Walking with dinosaurs.(investing in international general investment trusts)BusinessJames Anderson, Maxwell W. Ward
Wall Street braces itself.(US interest rates and stock prices)Business 
Wall Street freaks out on fears of higher interest rates.(factors affecting US and United Kingdom stock prices)Business 
Wall Street's inflation spectre.(US inflation and stock prices)Business 
Wall Street's profit puzzle: Whether Wall Street's high valuations are sustainable depends upon how slowly profit rates will fall back to normal.Business 
Wall Street's rational exuberance.Business 
Wall Street's so good it can only be bad.(performance of Wall Street)Business 
Wall Street's twin deficit troubles.(US savings and trade deficit)Business 
Wall Street's valuation debate.(debate on whether US equities are overvalued)Business 
Wall Street's wage dangers.(wage costs and Wall Street)Business 
Wall Street won't get toppy till the Brits rush in.(US stock prices)Business 
Warm currents.(Warner Howard)Business 
Waste management.Business 
Watching the money-go-round.(fund management for charities and tax issues in the United Kingdom)BusinessStephen Burgess
Web companies still soaking up the cash.(internet stock flotations)Business 
Weigh up risk and return to find the right VCT.(United Kingdom venture capital trusts; includes related notes)Business 
Weir.(Tips of the Week)Business 
Well-connected but ahead of itself.(performance of Cambury Investments)Business 
Well-furnished bank balance.(performance of Walker Greenbank)Business 
Wembley.(performance of Wembley)Business 
We think we know deflation's here to stay.Business 
What is on offer.(savings plans for long-term care in the United Kingdom)(Cover Story)Business 
What's its all about?(AITC seeks to promote investment trusts in the United Kingdom)BusinessStephen Moore
What's wrong with Medeva?(performance of Medeva)Business 
What to look for on Wall Street: a closer look at US equities.(investing in US equities)Business 
Wheeling and dealing on the road to consolidation.Business 
When cheap money is not enough.(United Kingdom stock markets and interest rate policy)Business 
When gloom is this deep there's little point in buying anything.(US stock prices)Business 
When history is not bunk.(United Kingdom inflation and interest rates)Business 
When history really is bunk.(United Kingdom interest rates and stock prices)Business 
When money does not matter.(United Kingdom money supply and stock prices)Business 
When reason and history collide.(stock price performance in the month of May)Business 
When recovery is not enough.(United Kingdom retail industry)Business 
When specialist knowledge is no bar to betting.(betting on individual stock prices)Business 
When the economy doesn't matter.(stock prices and economic performance)Business 
When the problem is a premium.(United Kingdom investment trusts)Business 
Where recovery's concerned, next year could be a long time coming.(selecting stocks and economic changes affecting the United Kingdom and world economy)Business 
Whitbread.(performance of Whitbread)Business 
Who are the top 20?(top 20 United Kingdom fund managers; includes related articles)(Cover Story)Business 
Who cares about bond yields?(impact of changes in bond markets)Business 
Who took part?(voting for Stockbroker Awards organized by Investors Chronicle)Business 
WH Smith.(performance of WH Smith)Business 
Why efficiency alone might not be enough.(building effective portflios)Business 
Why emerging markets are still risky.Business 
Why euro-mortgages aren't so clever: Despite another base-rate cut last week, interest rates on the Continent are still significantly lower than here.Business 
Why Europe's single currency matters.Business 
Why investors should mind the gap.(dividend-index linked yield gap)Business 
Why investors should mind the US gap: The fate of equities this year will depend in large part on investors' willingness to finance the huge deficit in US balance of payments.Business 
Why long-termists should beware.Business 
Why the Footsie is still cheap.(valuations of British stocks)Business 
Why the Footsie should mind the gap.(valuations of United Kingdom equities)Business 
Why the Footsie's party might not be over.Business 
Why the real US savings rates belie official statistics.Business 
Why US savings are no problem: Fears that a stock market crash could plunge the US into recession are mistaken. Consumers may be less sensitive to rising share prices than thought.Business 
Why valuations are no problem.(valuations of US equities)Business 
Wilson Connolly.(performance of Wilson (Connolly).)Business 
Window shop - on the web.(comparing insurance prices on the web)Business 
Work sector into your style decisions.(value and growth investment styles)Business 
Workspace.(performance of Workspace)Business 
Worried about the market? Put not your faith in experts.(hedging tactics for investors concerned about stock price falls; includes related notes)Business 
WPP.(performance of WPP)Business 
WT Foods.(performance of WT Foods)Business 
Xenova.(performance of Xenova)Business 
Yet another wonderful year: The volatile world of traded options is explained with money-making strategies.Business 
Yielding to second thoughts.(dividend yields and portfolio management)Business 
Zero gravity.(opportunities offered by United Kingdom zero-dividend preference stocks)BusinessRichard Prvulovich
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